The Beppin Legacy

The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hauptscharf├╝hrer Wolfgang C. Wolf

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Although only a recent member of the Beppin SS, Hauptscharf├╝hrer Wolfgang C. Wolf has proved his worth to our regime in many ways. Upon first moving to Beppin, Wolfgang was a headstrong, brutish character who's conviction and presence demanded my attention. I knew he was Beppin SS material from the moment I introduced myself and couldn't help but see a bit of myself as a younger Baron in him. From his induction into the Beppin SS Wolfgang has been a rising star in its ranks and his dedication to his duty never ceases to amaze me.

This afternoon I noticed him having a chat in front of the Town Hall with new Beppin resident Roald Penguin. I noticed the discussion was getting very heated, with Roald losing his cool to Wolfgang on more than one occassion, but Wolfgang remained cool calm, and collected and eventually wandered off whistling while Roald was left beyond satisfied with the outcome of their back and forth. Part of Wolfgang's role is orienting Beppin's new residents, and explaining to them the rules and regulations of Beppin citizenship. The rules are sometimes hard for newcomers to get used to, and I won't deny some new residents don't see out the end of the week, but its imperative for new citizens to be in full understanding of how Beppin operates, and what the rules and regulations are of its citizens.

To see the passion in Wolfgang's face as he educated Roald instilled so much pride in me. It warms this old mans heart to see such vehemence and power carried through to Beppin's citizens.I know that the future of Beppin rests with its active citizens like Wolfgang. Citizens who put the good of Beppin above their own need, citizens who make my life's work worthwhile.

Baron Von Beppin with Sturmadler

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A young and brash Baron Von Beppin with Sturmadler: my wings of victory. This wonderous example of fine German engineering lead me to 31 air victories against the allies in a 9 month period. Sturmadler became a part of me, and as the war ground on, we kept eachother safe from harm. This photo brings back many memories, the excitement and adrenalin, and the pride and honour. It also bring back the memories of seeing the coast from the air for the first time, and knowing it was my destiny to found my own piece of heaven. It was on the wings of Sturmadler that the dream of Beppin was born. She now resides in a special wing of the Beppin Museum, and I'm all too happy to tell visitors my many stories of our adventures together during war time.

Not to say the old girls done her time in the sky, oh no. Though not quite up to the heady schedule of flight missions during the war, Sturmadler still takes to the wide blue skies of Beppin on special holidays, with an always entertaining "dogfight" amid the fireworks on New Years Eve.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Return of Baron Von Beppin

Once upon a time, there was a man, a man who had a dream, I am this man. During my time under Hitler's command in World War II, I learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself and who I wanted to be. I witnessed the suffering, the death, the horror and the power. The experience was one of much pain, but of incredible opportunities once my service had completed. I plan to make this record of my life a history of my time spent in Germany's service, and a document of my new life, in Beppin.

Beppin is my life. It is what I am dedicated to and what shall be my legacy after my passing. This town will be my utopian order of animals and man, living together. The idealism of the Third Reich married with the rich and wonderous tapestry of the animal kingdom. I believe Beppin will serve as a model for future countries, and will show the world the way to the future.

This serves as a small introduction to what the Beppin Legacy shall be concerned with. Join with me in a journey into the past and into the future, and share in the Legacy Of Beppin.