The Beppin Legacy

The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Conclusions And Beginnings

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I received some very, very welcome news today. Indeed, some of the best news this old Baron's been privy to for quite a while. Through the vast network of underground communication networks, I've been informed that Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus is alive and well and enjoying his new life in his newly adopted nation of Strelley. Strelley's location in relation to Beppin is thousands and thousands of miles away, and it dosen't surprise me that this information has taken as long as it has to get back to me due to the sheer logistics of the distance involved.

Frau Alleycat was brief in her communique, but the news spoke volumes more than its mere words read. The mystery of Herr Rocco's disappearance can finally be laid to rest,... much like I had thought Rocco had been. There's something incredibly satisfying about trusting your instincts with individuals and then having them be fully realised. Herr Benedict's innocence in this matter was proven long before this, but it would be only natural to have some suspicions in the back of one's mind without the the proof of Herr Rocco being alive. Thankfully this matter has concluded in the best manner I could imagine.

I do hope Herr Rocco finds the life he is looking for in Strelley, and maybe one day Frau Alleycat will find out why Herr Rocco's opinion of Beppin seemed to change almost overnight. Thats one mystery that is yet to be solved, but I can definitely live quite happily with this unanswered question now that I know with certainty he is alive and well.

As this chapter on Beppin's history finishes, another begins. Now that this incident is well and truly behind us, myself and Herr Benedict can fully dedicate ourselves to our new project of creating Beppin's Dinosaurierabteilung. We have pooled our information and are using the resources of the Beppin SS and taking onboard Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl's wealth of knowledge on the subject. Our group meetings have proven to be very interesting so far, and its looking very promising that we can get this underway very soon.

Beppin's citizens have also voiced their support of developing the Dinosaurierabteilung. Since I posted our plans on our bulletin board, many citizen's have offered their support and have begun collecting fossils in earnest. Very encouraging and will go a long way to bring this plan into fruition.

Even with the evil Todesstinger still at large within Beppin I believe our nation is on the brink of a new age of glory and prosperity. Wish us well in our experiments as we bring the past back to life for the honour of Beppin.

Heil Beppin!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Embodiment Of Beppin

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During the week a new resident arrived. Without any pomp and ceremony, they moved to Beppin. Upon my first visit I was awestruck by the presence and beauty of this New Beppian. Her name is Frau Rosie B. Cat and she has made an impression on me which I will not be soon to forget.

From her first sentence to me, I knew she was special. Frau Rosie expresses herself in a manner that is quite startling at first. Her frankness and honesty is without question. She speaks from the heart and dosen't pander to anyone. Frau Rosie has moved to Beppin only recently but I firmly believe she's been a true Beppian all her life. She has so many qualities that I define as Beppian that it stunned me the first time I talked with her.

Frau Rosie is her own person. She concedes nothing and expects the best from everyone as that is what she personally strives to be: the best citizen she can be. It's such a wonderous event when residents move to Beppin who know, in their heart of hearts that Beppin is their home. Not just geographically, but personally and, indeed, spiritually.

From Day one Frau Rosie has blended into the Beppin population in a manner I've not seen since, since.... well, since Frau Sally H. Squirrel. She is the embodiment of all Beppin holds true, and from her daily shopping at Herr Nook's to her evening insect hunting: everything she does, she does for the glory of Beppin.

This kind of individual is so rare, I count myself lucky to have even met her. Frau Rosie obviously moved to Beppin as she knew what we our nation is about. I don't yet know where she emigrated from, but it's clear to me that Beppin will be her home for quite a long time. My heart soars when I see her talking to other Beppian's and exchanging stories and furniture. She always leaves them feeling happy and never fails to make a positive impression anywhere she goes.

Indeed it is this reason I've decided to make Frau Rosie our new poster girl. She brightens everyone's day so much that I believe she'll be the perfect ambassador for Beppin. Frau Rosie jumped at this opportunity and we are both very pleased with the results, as evidenced above, in the lastest promotional material being distributed in Beppin.

It's been comfortable and properous times in Beppin of late. After the dark hours of Herr Benedict's aforementioned incident, it is so encouraging to come out of the darkness with such a wonderful new resident of our nation. Although the evil Todesstinger is still present, my faith and optimism have been raised, and I owe it all to Frau Rosie B. Cat, a true maiden of Beppin.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Baron Vs. The Monster

In my time as leader of Beppin, I've come across many foes. Enemies who've threatened our country at many different levels. From an all out attack along our border, to enemy spies infiltrating Beppin's governance. I've seen a lot in my time, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I encountered last night.

On my evening consitutional on the pathways around Beppin's Town Hall, I heard an odd noise. It was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. It sounded like an insect, but heavier, much heavier... and bigger. No sooner had I heard this strange noise than a behemoth, the likes of which I've never beared witness too before, scuttled across my path.

I stood still in complete amazement. One hears legends of such beast's existence, but to see one in the flesh, well, it was quite the surprise. This shadowy form moved quickly but as it exited the bordering shrubbery and entered the cobble stone town square, the magnitude of this beast came into full view. Right before me was monstrous scorpion. Its length exceeded my height from the angle I briefly witnessed it from and it inspired complete terror, instantly.

I readied my net and followed its direction into a heavily wooded area west of the Town Hall. I had a sneaking suspicion, in the back of my mind, that I was putting myself at a strategic disadvantage as the ground cover made my adversary disappear almost instantly. I knew he was in there. I knew he was running from a battle he knew he couldn't win, but the evironmental advantage could not be discounted.

Scannning everything that bore leaves with tense anticipation, I hunted my quarry. Every tree and flower became a possible camouflage for this most heinous of monsters. Sweat began to bead on my brow, as my grip tightened around my net. The gentle creaking of a nearby cicada stopped. For one second everything went silent. Time stopped,.... and then continued with a surprise attack from deep within the yellow pansies on the river's bank. The sickening sound of a hard as steel poisonous spike tearing through clothing and flesh came next, followed by complete darkness.

I came to, after an unknown amount of time at the front door of my residence in Victory Way. I had no idea how I got back home, or the longterm damage I had received. Firstly, I visited Herr Nooks and purchased some medicine, to be on the safe side, creatures of this ones denomination are often venomous, afterall. After taking it, I cautiously headed back to the last place I saw the monstrous Todesstinger.

The familiar surrounds west of the Town Hall seemed to be complately foreign, and every new sound inspired panic and terror. I found the yellow pansies that I'd last seen the monster in. Net in hand I pummelled these seemingly innocent flowers, over and over. To be sure. But the monster wasn't there....Nothing was caught.

I then realised that in the unknown amount of time that had passed between my passing out and regaining of consciousness that the Todesstinger could be anywhere in Beppin. The fear gripped me instantly. I had a quick conversation with Frau Marina A. Octopus who was taking her evening stroll nearby. She had no idea of the danger she was in, and continued her walk without caution. As she disappeared past the Bulletin Board, I decided to get back to my home base to evaluate this situation and develop a plan of attack, from the safety of my residence.

With my home literally steps away, it happened.


That sickening noise, emanating from behind an apple tree. A sneak attack that I wasn't prepared for. The searing pain of the Todesstinger's poison filled spike bursting into my chest. The feeling of stupidity, as I had just realised, at that moment, that I had become the hunted. I remember seeing its horrible, evil eyes as I lost consciousness and collapsed on Beppin's cold, cobbled paths...

Once again I awoke in front of my residence. Metres from where I had been assaulted. Again, unsure of how much time had passed, but with one pure thought running through my mind: VENGEANCE.

I retired to my quarters and spent the evening developing plans of attack to rid Beppin of this abomination. I spent a long and tiring evening in my laboratory experimenting with different theories and ideas. I knew it was within me to find a solution to this problem. Then, at 2am it hit me, like the evil scorpions barbed tail itself. I knew what I had to do and I felt a wave of elation sweep over me. Using all my intellect and resources I had come up with a plan that could not fail. Its sheer ingenuity would surely prove this monster's undoing and I set the plan into action.....

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Herr Todesstinger:




Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All Things Come To Those Who Wait: Benedict Confesses

Yes, it's finally happened. All my investigations regarding Herr Benedict G. Chicken have come to a conclusion that is punctuated by his own statements and admissions.The arduous task of investigating one of my closest friends has come to an end and, ironically, it wasn't through using secret channels of surveillance, or traditional spying techniques that achieved results. No. All this information has come directly from Herr Benedict, and it all came out in casual conversation with the chicken himself on Beppin's foreshore this evening.

What follows is exactly what transpired this evening, but be prepared. The confession is certainly not what you (or indeed I) may expect.

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After some of the usual conversation regarding Herr Benedict's appetite around dinner time, his expression changed. His usually bubbly manner made way for the statement made in the photograph above. He suddenly became solemn and reserved. I prompted him no further and instead I waited for him to continue the conversation.

This was one of the longest pauses I've ever experienced in a conversation. I think because I got the sense theat so much of the future of Beppin was going to hinge on the rest of this conversation I'd give Herr Benedict time to think and go through this in his own time. So that he didn't feel any pressure or prejudgemental questioning from myself.

Herr Benedict began rather quietly. His tone was very introspective, almost talking to himself like I wasn't there. He started talking about some incredible information he had been privy to. Information that he thoroughly believed was in the best interests of Beppin. He repeated often, everything he does he does for Beppin. "Sieg für Beppin, Sieg für Beppin" over and over. It seemed that it was only this afternoon Herr Benedict realised how serious the situation was that he was in when he was discussing some Beppin SS matters with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise.

Herr Tortimer broached the subject with him, and told him how this investigation I was conducting was indeed to find evidence to link him to Herr Rocco's disappearance. This was compounded with the knowledge that Herr Benedict had assumed I had deduced his secret project and knew what he was up to. Finding out that I had no idea of this, apparently chilled him to the core.

Up until this point Herr Benedict confessed to me that he was, in all honesty, not taking any of the previous information I'd confronted him with at all seriously, and even more so, thought on more than one occassion that he was giving me information based on his current ultra secret project. One must remember that Herr Benedict is quite a humourous individual. He is constantly making light of situations, and this trait had carried over into the investigations I'd been conducting.

As Herr Benedict's loyalty or personal integrity were never, ever brought question, and that he'd recently received the Beppin Cross, he was in fact playing along for laughs. The thought of him murdering Herr Rocco was such a ludicrous idea, that Herr Benedict thought he'd play along initially. He'd assumed he was being set up for some practical joke, and thought he'd stay two moves ahead.

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When he said this, he was almost pleading with me to see things from his perspective. To see the real Benedict, and not the murderer that I'd been looking for, but the chicken I'd grown to respect, a true Beppian who's humour was only exceeded by his dedication to Beppin's future glory. I had been guilty of forgetting this. In my fervour to get to the bottom of this issue, I had not taken his perspective. I'd taken the perspective of the person who needed a result that made sense based on the perceived facts he was presented. Perceived. Its amazing how we can misinterpret things or see them from a subjective angle when we are forced to deal with issues of such magnitude. It was I that was guilty of this.

Herr Benedict could see the look on my face had changed, he realised that I now understood this. A smile crept across his beak. But there were so many unanswered questions. I asked him to tell me everything and to keep to the facts. He breathed deeply and began.

Avid readers of this document will remember the Third Reich plans I'd come into ownership of recently. The plans for Dinosaurierabteilung. A division of dinosaurs to use in the fields of battle. I had kept these plans very secret, I wanted to conduct secret experiments first, to get up to speed with the necessary work and skills involved in this project before I took the idea to Beppin's military.

But, unknown to myself, Herr Benedict had obtained contributing information on this subject that came from the same sources, but was being distributed through different networks. Networks that Herr Benedict had been securing in secrecy for a very long time in order to get this information.

The reason he had kept this a secret from me was because the idea seemed so fantastic and unreal, that he wasn't sure if it was a genuinely feasible project. So, he began conducting his own tests and experiments to find out whether this idea was worth persuing with the Beppin military. Just as I'd done.

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Herr Benedict's information was a second part of my own documents. A continuation of some other ideas that were evidently scrapped. This information contained crucial methods and ingredients needed for dinosaur regeneration. This crucial information was something that had caused much of the problems in my investigation due to my misinterpretation. This information can be summarised in one word: gyroids.

The secret documents Herr Benedict obtained stated that the life essence of gyroids can be used as an ingredient to regenerating fossils back into living and breathing dinosaurs. These mini-wonders of nature contain a base life force and DNA that can be tranferred to these fossils with surprising results.

This revelation alone was incredible, as it filled in many pieces missing from my own Dinosaurierabteilung documents, but it also explained an awful lot about Herr Benedict's recent behaviour, and how this was misinterpreted by myself. Firstly, the blood stained shirt and shovel I'd encountered him with the night after Herr Rocco's disappearance.

The truth behind this was that Herr Benedict had been digging for gyroids most of the day and had conducted some of his own experiments on them, which had lead to some "casualties" in the name of science. The rather brutal nature of extracting the life essence from gyroids isn't an easy process and getting their blood spattered on one's self is a common, if gruesome, side effect.

When I had said to him that I thought he was a murderer, Herr Benedict had assumed I knew what he was up to, and due to his experiments in gyroids, he thought it was a humourous observation on my behalf commenting on his "murdering" of them in his experiments. His focus on his work excavating fossils and gyroids was so obvious,that he had assumed I was onto him, and was just toying with him. It didn't cross his mind that this was in regards to the disappearnce of Herr Rocco until his discussion with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise this afternoon.

Everything can be explained. All the evidence I had on Herr Benedict can be disproved with his rock solid alibies on these experiments he's been conducting. He even brought it up that he was surprised I didn't comment on his fossil dominated new decor (as noted recently in a comment by Non Stop Ive) as he thought that was a huge giveaway as to what he was actually up to.

All evidence I was basing my investigations on were quashed, he even had corroborating evidence from Herr Roald regarding his whereabouts and activities the night Herr Rocco disappeared. It was all put in perspective, to a point that I felt embarassed that I even jumped to this conclusion.

Herr Benedict has risen to his place in the upper echelons of Beppin's elite through his dilligence and dedication to the ideals of Beppin. Although misinterpreted, based on what I was presented with, I believe I was righteous in my investigations. My lack of seeing thing's from Herr Benedict's true perspective was my undoing. I can, without, question, say the Herr Benedict is innocent of any wrong doing to Herr Rocco in this affair.

But the question still remains: What happened to Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Herr Benedict Digs Himself Deeper

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If Herr Benedict is indeed innocent in this affair, he has a very odd way of trying to prove it. My conversation with him this evening in Beppin's Westliche Fluss-Gärten wasn't what I was expecting, actually, every time I've talked to Herr Benedict over the last few days has been surprising experience. Almost as if something had changed in him, something that has given him renewed passion, but also given him a definite air of grimness.

Also, there has still been no word of Herr Rocco's whereabouts. In a conversation I had with New Beppian Frau Purrl O. Cat this evening, my heart almost sank through her freshly installed Kitchen Tile when she told me she had dug up something shocking today. Thankfully it was only someone's buried diary... and not a portion of Herr Rocco as I'd immediately imagined.

Surveying Herr Benedict from a distance this afternoon I noticed no erratic or uncharacteristic behaviour and his general attitude was of good humour in his social interactions with other Beppians. Indeed, if he is hiding something, he is doing it incredibly well. My mind is constantly trying to work out what his motives and justifications were for what I have been led to believe has happened.

In other news New Beppian Herr Cyrano F. Anteater has been settling into daily life in our fair nation after his arrival midweek. I thought his choice of taking up residence on some of Beppin's most valuable real estate (immediately adjacent to the Beppin Nationales Denkmal) was a very bold move.

I believe that where individuals choose to live is very true indication of their character and values. For instance, to choose to live nearer to Beppin's coastline shows a need for privacy due to its distance from the busier regions of Beppin. It also displays, apart from a fondness for the beach, a explorative nature to ones character, indeed I often find Beppin's foreshore residents "out exploring" when not at home.

This theory extends to individuals who choose to live in the more urbanised surrounds nearer to Herr Nooks and Frau's Mabel and Sable Able's businesses' in our retail precinct. A need for close proximity to life's needs and luxuries serves as a more relevant aspect for those living here. As is evidenced by the nearby residences of Frau Purrl and Frau Marina, both of which are rather fond of regular furniture shopping and following the fashion trends of Beppin.

Indeed, this theory extends to all regions of Beppin and it proves very interesting where newcomers decide to set up their residence. It never fails to spark my interest and makes for much happier Beppian's when they can live exactly where they want to based on their needs and wants as individuals.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Investigation Continues

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It's been a long day for this old Baron. Confronting Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken this evening with the evidence I've collected in the last 24hrs produced the above response. I don't know if it's the testimony of a madchicken or someone who thinks that this case against him is entirely ludicrous. Indeed for all the evidence I've noted, there is indeed not one defining element that could convict Herr Benedict of this supposed crime.

For one, there is technically no evidence of Rocco L. Hippopotamus's actual murder. The lack of a forwarding address presented to Beppin's authorities can be interepted from numerous angles. For one it could be seen as Herr Rocco's last act of defiance in his apparent distaste of Beppin (as documented in his final letter) and washing his hands of our country all together. Conversely, his demise in Beppin could cause the same result.

I do know one thing for sure though, until I find more conclusive evidence, I will be digging up fossils and gyroids with much trepidation of what might be lurking below the surface of Beppin's fertile soil. Nothing untoward was unearthed in my recent excavations today, but my once unfettered excitement at discovering new places to dig for antiquities has changed to grim fear at what part of Herr Rocco might greet me from its shallow grave.

I had an impromptu meeting with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise this afternoon in regards to this matter, the first Beppian I've shared my knowledge on the subject with, to see if he might have any suggestions for my finding more facts. Particularly about Herr Rocco's wherabouts. Herr Tortimer had some very good ideas.

Firstly, that I should visit Herr Nooks and buy as many bottles with notes in them as possible, writing to ask that if anyone knows the wherabouts of Herr Rocco to notify the Beppin SS immediately, which I promptly did. He also suggested to spread word of this to further lands. He said there was a good chance that Herr Rocco has moved to country with whom Beppin is friendly with. The leaders of these nations will have definite proof if he has indeed moved into their nations.

Of course, I would love nothing better to hear that Herr Rocco is living happily in another land... I like that idea much more than digging up his remains in Beppin in some unspecified time in the future. Even with Herr Rocco's apparent distaste of Beppin in recent times, I for one would never wish murder upon someone who was actually moving away from Beppin to fix the situation. Of course staying in our country and causing dissent for an extended period is a different thing all together, and such individuals are dealt with accordingly.

I'd also greatly enjoy having irrefutable proof that Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken is entirely innocent. His refusal to produce an alibi to this deed hasn't done him any favours however, but I do indeed understand his complete disbelief in why he is being questioned over this incident when he has been such a massive part of the animal infrastructure of Beppin for so long, and that there is indeed no solid proof to even prove that any harm has come to Herr Rocco at all.

I am hoping that tomorrow I am greeted with news of Herr Rocco's safe arrival in another land and that, then, Herr Benedict can explain to me exactly what he meant in our previous conversations. I would wish for nothing more than to put this entire incident behind me and move on to more productive matters, and I dearly hope that happens instead of the situation of Herr Benedict G. Chicken versus The Citizens Beppin in the murder of Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus in Beppin's Courts of Justice.

Please, if anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus, please let me know, any pertinent infromation can be sent via email to or via BeppinPost to the following address:

Baron Von Beppin
1 Victory Way
Nordöstliche Hochländer

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Dark Day For Beppin

Due to the proud, utopian model of our nation, when something is amiss, or askew, it stands out quite markedly from the usually placid and ideal goings-on of daily Beppin life. Thus begins an independent investigation I'm conducting to find out if indeed theres something rotten in Beppin. The thing that concerns me most is that it concerns Beppin's newest hero: Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken.

Yes, I know, surely I've gotten my wires crossed somewhere as it couldn't possibly be the recently Beppin Cross decorated SS hero Herr Benedict G. Chicken. I didn't want to believe it myself.. but one can not dismiss evidence that seems all too incriminating. It is my duty to investigate this issue, but I will do it on my own for the present time due to Herr Benedict's high rank in the Beppin SS.

The first chapter of this story began on Wednesday morning. The feelings of something unsettling arrived with the morning's post. No sooner had Unterfeldwebel Pete B. Pelican delivered my morning mail, than this dark tale began. There was one solitary letter that fateful day. One lone letter, without a present attached (never a good sign on the best of days, but I digress). Upon quickly scanning this letter I was shocked to read that New Beppian Rocco L. Hippopotamus had decided to move away from Beppin to an undisclosed destination overnight. Not only this but the tone of the letter was incredibly derogatory to Beppin in a most disappointing manner.

I've no issue with individuals moving on from Beppin and having strong opinions about our country when they haven't fitted in to our way of life, but what soured this situation was the previously very publicly displayed love of Beppin from Herr Rocco. Two weeks ago Herr Rocco was nominated (by more than one Beppian) for the Beppin Cross, although new to our country, Herr Rocco was one of those new residents that just fitted so well into Beppin's way of life. This complete change in character and attitude to his new country, and overnight no less, left me feeling rather confused, and a little suspicious.

There seemed to be too many factors that remained unanswered, or were out of character for Herr Rocco. This had me rather perplexed, and talking to all other citizens who knew him well netted me zero information. Letters to his neighbours went unanswered and Brigadeführer Copper K. Dog reported no questionable activity at the nation's gates the previous evening. Things started shifting to more of a concern from this evidence, but the most shocking developments were yet to come.

During my usual insect hunt this evening I came across Herr Benedict. He was in a happy mood and was whistling as he walked along the promenade to Beppin's beachfront. I'd not seen much of Herr Benedict since his Beppin Cross presentation and parade, but had just assumed he was busy doing appearances in other parts of the country, as are the duties and responsibilities of a new recipient of the award. But as I approached Herr Benedict I couldn't help but notice something different about him, his uneasiness when I greeted him spoke volumes...

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The keener observers reading this will have noticed Herr Benedict's clothing isn't exactly in the pristine condition it usually is. In fact, one could even say its very dirty. But not with dirt unfortunately... but with blood. Yes, if one is to base an opinion purely on what is presented, one would say that Herr Benedict's clothing is rather heavily bloodstained. Now, the next piece of evidence I'd like to direct your attention to is what Herr Benedict is holding in his right wing. Indeed, it is a shovel. A shovel one could use to bury evidence of an act that resulted in an uneasy tone in ones speech, and also resulted in heavily staining one's clothes with copious amounts of blood.

Based on this evidence, I was instantly concerned. Had Herr Benedict murdered Herr Rocco? What would cause this? What went on unbeknownst to myself about their realtionship? Many questions flooded into my mind. To see this freshly decorated hero of Beppin stammering his way through a conversation whilst carrying a shovel and wearing heavly bloodstained clothes was just something I was not prepared for during my evening walk. As the conversation continued, however, something else came up, that was even more disturbing,...

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Indeed, another development I wasn't prepared for. Such a flagrantly overt statement was initially beyond my comprehension and I had to make a hasty departure back to my private residence to reflect upon what I had been presented with today. Was I missing something obvious? Am I assuming far too much? What other explanations could there be for Herr Benedict's conversation? Was all that was left of Rocco marked by an X shaped plot of broken soil in some remote part of Beppin, waiting to be unearthed on the next fossil hunt? Such questions have been plaguing me constantly this evening, but the one that keeps recurring in my mind is "Why?". If these events have in fact happened, what was the reasoning behind it from Herr Benedict?

I have known Herr Benedict for many years, and count him as one of the closest genuine friends I have in our country. This action, as it stands today, is not the action of the chicken I know. No, this terrible event is something that must be investigated further. For now I will focus my attention on this more pressing issue, and put my dinosaur division plans on the back burner until I get to the bottom of this grisly and disturbing affair. Of course I will document my findings here accordingly.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Failed Third Reich Idea Takes On New Life In Beppin

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Something very interesting came into my possession recently. Something that I think will prove very, very interesting to the future of Beppin.. indeed, to the future of the world and the future of warfare and military defence as we know it.

Through underground channels, sympathetic to the ideals of Beppin, I've recieved some incredibly valuable literature. This literature contains abandoned plans from Herr Hitler's Third Reich. Plans involving a force far beyond mere steel and iron. Plans that document the development of a division of Nazi Dinosaurs! Yes, you read correctly. Nazi Dinosaurs. A division that would exist under the rule of the Wehrmacht's high command and would be part mounted and part unmounted. Existing as a cavalry of sorts that would take the Third Reich's land warefare to a new level of superiority.

The detail in these documents is extraordinary. Herr Hitler must have believed very strongly in this idea as theres even plans in this dossier for livery and bridlery for these reptillian mounts. The overall plan was for the Dinosaurierabteilung to exist alongside the panzer divisions as a frontline force that could deliver a kind of terror and superiority as yet not witnessed.

I don't want to let too many secrets out of the bag, but Herr Hitler's science division go into great detail about how to make this a reality. Detailled architectural designs that show the necessary "stables" to house such beasts, and many drafts of training guides. It was believed that the effectively limited intelligence of these creatures would serve their master's very well as subserviance and obediance could be easily taught from very early development.

Indeed, it was not these aspects of training and discipline that were believed to be the major disadvantages of this division. The biggest problem was the lack of raw material need to regenerate the creatures through scientific means. Germany's regions were not rich with predeposited dinosaurs and, as described in this document, Herr Hitler was planning to use his occupation of other nations as a richer source for the creation of dinosaurs. What was required for such experiments was simple, what was required was fossils.

Archaeological digs documented in many war records seem to be skewed towards a religious angle for the Third Reich. This has now become apparent to me as a complete misconception as what these teams of scientists were searching for were not for religious artifacts, but for remnants of dinosaurs to use as a basis for creating the Dinosaurierabteilung.

Which brings us to current day Beppin. A land thats rich in many aspects of natural phenomenon, but especially in the area of fossils. Our lands have been fertile ground for fossils, every day there appears to be new ones appearing that I personally could have sworn weren't in that place the day before. Yet I keep digging them up and manage to keep Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl busy identifying them on a daily basis.

Now that the Dinosaur Wing of the Beppin National Museum is fully furnished, I had indeed little use for these remnants of times passed and had been selling them off to Herr Nook for some paltry Bells. Now I've come across such incredibly valuable information, I do believe that my quest for fossils in Beppin will be something I will be focussing much of my attention on from this day forward.

Of interesting note, the documentation I've acquired mentions that a lack of, and I quote, "scientist and lab themed furniture" was another one of the most important problems that Herr Hitler's teams couldn't overcome. Although I am still missing some integral parts of this furniture, I do believe with the right amount of experimentation that I can indeed succeeed where the Third Reich failed. I will be posting my results of these projects as I work through the processes.

And to think I was going to spend the summer catching insects and fish!
Indeed, I Baron von Beppin, hereby committ myself and Beppin's resources to continuing Herr Hitler's work in creating a Dinosaurierabteilung for Beppin's military, the likes of which the world has never seen!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Special Day For Herr Benedict

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Beppin Cross 2006 Awards Presentation. From left to right: Baron Von Beppin, Herr Benedict G. Chicken and Herr Gary of Big City.

I wanted to make this year's Beppin Cross presentation a little bit more special than usual. As Herr Benedict G. Chicken is a very special recipient, I wanted to go the extra yard and make it just that little bit more memorable. I then thought of a wonderful idea: to have the Beppin Cross presented by a special guest.

The usual Beppin Cross ceremony is held in front of the town hall, with myself and Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise doing the honours to an audience of all Beppin's citizens. Due to the time of year we present it, its usually a nice sunny day and a small working party organises a special array of flowers for the event which is concluded with a procession around Beppin's tree lined thorughfares, finishing at Point Beppin along our coastline. We do pride ourselves on tradition in Beppin, but I for one will never shy away from change.

As a sign of the times, and the inclusion of civillians in the nominations of the medal, I thought that we should tailor this special occassion to the individual recipient's personality and interests. Even though Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken is primarily an officer of the Beppin SS, he is still a very creative individual and, as I stated yesterday, it was this creativity in interior design that resulted in his recieving of this prestigious award.

To this end I thought a more intimate ceremony would be the order of the day, and it should take place in Herr Benedict's home as well, afterall, this was own personal expression of his unbridled artistry. I didn't think it was entirely a great idea to try and cram all of Beppin's citizens into Herr Benedict's living room and front yard and instead, for the actual presentation, I though just myself and a special guest presenter would be nice idea. Then Herr Benedict's glorious Parade of Heroes around Beppin can involve all other Beppians.

As far as special guests go, it took me quite a while to come up with one that would be a recognised personality to Beppian's and also a champion of Beppin's ideals and values. After a short list was prepared my first choice was Herr Gary of Big City. Herr Gary has been a longtime supporter of Beppin and has had no small part in aiding myself in furnishing Beppin's National Museum, and also my own private residence. His honour and respect for Beppin's ideals and values have always been very widely appreciated by myself and other Beppians. I was elated that he could fit this event into his busy schedule and the rest, as they say, is history.

As evidenced in the photo capturing the presentation, the sheer wonder and imagination one experiences in Herr Benedict's home still gives me goosebumps. From his centre piece Igunandon Skull to his inspired use of Backyard Fence wallpaper, his house is a testament in avante garde interior design. Herr Gary's complete speechlessness upon entry to his house spoke volumes.

As part of Herr Benedict's "thank you" speech, he was most appreciative of other Beppian's who have supported his work, in the SS and in regular social life. He cited Beppin itself as his major inspiration for his interior design, and that it reflected the ever changing landscape of his beloved country.

During the Parade Of Heroes after the presentation, it was on more than one occassion that I noticed a tear roll down Herr Benedict's proud beak. Seeing such devotion, and deep appreciation of this elite decoration made this old Baron shed a small tear as well. A tear of joy, a tear that was shared with my dear friend, Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken: the truly deserving winner of the 2006 Beppin Cross.

Monday, July 17, 2006

And The Winner Of The 2006 Beppin Cross Is....

Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken

Yes, after much deliberation a clear cut winner of this year's Beppin Cross has been decided. This year's recipient was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make for this medal. Opening it up to Beppian's outside of the military meant not only more entries (more than 20 this year, quite a record) but also that the criteria for deservedness had to be altered.

A civillian's life is not so easy to quantify the conquests, goals and achievements in relation to Beppin's values. This proved hard to balance with the much more structured military based criteria. For instance, its a lot easier to grade a Beppin SS officer's annual record of their use of the Überraschung Begraben und Netz policy, but should this have the same value as a civillian Beppian's respectful purchase of their own flowers for Flowerfest instead of just moving already planted flora in an act of civil disobedience? Its a hard call, but one I've really enjoyed doing, as more than anything else it's shown me how proud and valuable every single resident of Beppin is.

But back to this years winner. Herr Benedict has been a long and loyal member of Beppin. Originally Herr Benedict came to Beppin (like many others) not quite sure of how they would fit in. Previously, Herr Benedict was a civillian in the times of the Third Reich (as evidenced below) but his longing for a regime closer to his ideals kept him from being a true supporter of Herr Hitler's philosophies. Herr Benedict once shared with me one night, that although he thought the Third Reich did its best to make it work, it was lacking that certain something that would convince him of getting behind the movement 100%.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingA young Herr Benedict at a Third Reich rally

I didn't want to push Herr Benedict for what this indeed was, but my interest was genuinely piqued. After some more deliberation and stalling on his part, he told me what kept him from swearing allegiance to Herr Hitler: It was the furniture. Herr Benedict was not a fan of the modern and art deco style of Third Reich architecture and furniture design, and saw it as the Third Reich's major short coming. He said: "I can't be a part of an empire that goes against all my personal values and taste in interior design".

At this point I realised how much Herr Benedict respected and honoured the ideals of Beppin. One of our major policies is experimental interior design. We are not answerable as a government to any individual style or design. Indeed, it is the diversity of furniture and interior design that I believe makes the landscape of Beppin so valuable and reflective of the individuals who live here.

It was these ideals, combined with many other elements I had evolved from the original plans of the Third Reich, that struck Herr Benedict with the loyalty to Beppin he has displayed all year round. I remember once, a few months ago, that Herr Benedict decided to leave Beppin. I believe he needed to do some personal growth outside of our nation, and to get some perspective. I missed his presence in Beppin greatly, but within a month this model citizen returned. He said he travelled far, and he travelled wide, but Beppin was the only place he could ever call home.

On his return, Herr Benedict immediately joined the Beppin SS. His role in it has been a supreme model of dilligence and strength that has seen him rise to the rank of Oberstgruppen-Führer in record time. His achievements on so many levels have simply been astounding. His intiatives in Beppin SS policy and his role of authority have been exemplary. But what makes Herr Benedict such a deserved winner of this years Beppin Cross, ironically, isn't from his military service.

No. The main reason for Herr Benedict's recieving of the 2006 Beppin Cross is his interior design efforts. Yes, the freedoms he wished for in use of furniture under the Third Reich have been realised in an explosive display of creativity in his very own house. One dosen't just visit Herr Benedict's home: one experiences it.
Yes, his passion for using seemingly diametrically opposed furniture designs, often right next to eachother, is just inspired work, and as he so often says, a lot of his work is too cutting edge for even the HRA.

Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken is a model Beppian who's work in and out of the Beppin SS has finally been rewarded with Beppin's highest decoration: the Beppin Cross.

I look forward to presenting this to you tomorrow my dear friend and would like to personally thank you for being an intrinsic part of what Beppin is all about.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Fruitful Day In Beppin

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Its been a nice and casual day in Beppin today. Even the incessant rain, that hasn't abated since last night, couldn't dampen the spirits of Beppin's citizens who are still firmly in the grip of Beppin Cross fever. The final nominations for this prestigious award came in the post this morning, and I've been going through the entries most of this afternoon. To have a break from the paperwork I took a stroll this evening to catch some insects.

Whilst scanning for new species on the tree trunks, I realised I was next to Beppin's only orange tree, as pictured. This is a special tree for me, and it often gives me an opportunity for reflection and remembrance. The sole orange tree in Beppin is a testament to change and progress, but also respecting and honouring the past.

You see, when Beppin was first settled and reclaimed, its only fruit trees were orange trees. Oranges are Beppin's native fruit, and they could be seen from the Neues Rheinland in the north west through to the Eastern Tiefländer and as far south as the Beppin Foreshore. This was always a rich and fertile land and I made it a personal mission of mine to make this land more vibrant, diverse and profitable by growing new and exotic fruits from faraway lands.

This required much work, and it became a passion of mine to grow every single fruit possible. Apples, peaches, pears, cherries and coconuts (yes, even coconuts) were soon growing and bearing fruit across this land. I began taking down orange trees with gusto. Purchasing new axes from Herr Nook almost daily as my fervour for cutting down Beppin's native fruit trees became my number one priority. This continued unabated for weeks that grew into months. With every foreign fruit that became ripe to pick, orange trees were cut down and replaced by my valuable imported varieties. I could feel the economic power of Beppin rising every day.

Suddenly Herr Nook's prices for furniture and other goods seemed a mere pittance, and my home loan repayments were becoming more and more frequent as my income increased exponentially with every new harvest. But I fell into a trap, one that wasn't a cunningly placed pitfall seed. No.. I fell into a trap of exploiting the land for my own gain. I could argue with myself that it is all justifiable for the glory of Beppin, but to be honest with myself I have to admit I was raping this land. The land I had loved, and nurtured and respected had turned into an industrialised fruit manufacturing concern.

It was at this point, on the brink of economic servitude that I realised my folly and saw with eyes fully opened for the first time, that being a slave to foreign fruit markets was not going to be a future that served the values and ideals of Beppin for the future. It had to stop, and it wasn't a moment too soon.

When I surveyed Beppin with my newly awoken vision, I realised that there was one, single, solitary orange tree left in the entire country. Just one. Where once there were literally tens of orange trees growing, only one remained. The once dominant and common had become the endangered, and this sent a shock through my system like lying on a Lab bench.

This was a watershed moment for Beppin. A time of rebirth and a paradigm shift in the operation of our nation. From this point on the fruit of the land became a natural resource that was not produced for the exclusive quest of the almighty Bell. No, our fruit became, once again, a part of Beppin that was to be respected and honoured, and something to always be thankful for.

This lone orange tree takes pride of place just to the east of the Golden Gates of Beppin. This simple, yet poignant monument to Beppin's history stands without fanfare or ceremony, but its noble branches bear the fruit of Beppin's heritage, a truly majestic duty that I fully respect and appreciate as a native part of what makes Beppin great.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Beppin Day 1948 Memories

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When looking through some of my documents for an old letter from the HRA today, I found this photo. It was taken on Beppin Day 1948, and I remember it like it was yesterday. That year Beppin Day coincided, almost to the day, with Herr Nook refurbishing his establishment and reopening as Nookway. Herr Nook had been planning this for months, unbeknownst to myself. The grand unveiling of Nookway provided a wonderful accompaniment to the usual Beppin Day celebrations.

Keen observers of the photograph will have noticed Sally H. Squirrel in front of Nookway's entrance. At this time Frau Sally was a new resident of Beppin, in fact she was one of the first individuals to take up residence. Frau Sally and I quickly became very close friends and shared a great deal of our time with eachother. Frau Sally became the epitomy of Beppin's values and ideals to me very quickly and I had soon fallen for her more than I had realised.

Frau Sally and myself spent much of our time together discussing the future of Beppin. Her ideas were so close to my own that often it was like we were of the same mind. Such a closeness is most uncommon, and for a battle weary old warhorse like myself, it proved incredibly refreshing. Intoxicating even.

It had been a long time since this old Baron had experienced the feelings for anyone the way they were felt with Frau Sally. It's more than likely hard to understand for most people, but when one connects so succinctly with another individual, the once perceived barriers seem to disappear.

Those experiences I had with Frau Sally in Beppin were wonderful times, times I won't be soon to forget. When someone effects your life so profoundly and deeply, it is futile to deny them that presence. Alas, Frau Sally moved from Beppin to parts unknown after only staying a few months. With little more than a short note, Frau Sally left my life just as quickly as she'd entered it.

The one saving grace that eases my missing of her is that she gave me a picture of herself before she moved away. It became one of my most valued possessions, and takes pride of place on my Modern coffee table in the upstairs level of my personal quarters. Whenever I'm feeling low, or lost, I can see my dear Sally's image and remember the wonderful times we had experienced. Her picture shows me that it is so important to have experienced those times and feelings and remember them, and that that can't be taken away, regardless of what happens after that individual has left your life. On the back of the picture Sally wrote: "Just something to remember me by.",.. just something to remember you by indeed.

Frau Sally H. Squirrel taught me a lot about myself, which I have taken on in my work in Beppin. She was an important and irreplaceable symbol of the potential of Beppin and to this day serves as my inspiration. Though you may only be seen as a part of the background in this photograph from Beppin Day 1948, believe me when I say, my dear Sally, that all that Beppin has become would not have been possible with out you.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Birds Of A Feather

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A well seasoned Beppian in her own right, Frau Marina V. Octopus has been making her presence well known to me lately. Previously, my personal experience with Frau Marina had been passing on some Lovely themed furniture and the usual pleasantries in passing, apart from this, she has kept to herself. However, one never, ever hears a bad word about Frau Marina. As a true Beppian she has settled into our fair land and lived her life happily and (judging by her Lovely furniture collection) rather prosperously. She dosen't enter into any of the gossip or rumour mongering a lot of individuals fall prey too which is a refreshing change from some of the other residents.

A role model citizen, Frau Marina has become a front runner in the Beppin Cross this year, it will be very interesting to see if she recieves any nomination before entries close on Saturday. I always find these unsung type personalities who don't go for the spotlight are often the most interesting characters who seem to offer an awful lot more than they let on.

As was the case this evening, when Frau Marina asked what I thought of the recent influx of Beppians of the bird race, as pictured. Beppin has recently had quite a pronounced influx of residents of Bird race. Herr Anchovy, Frau Robin, Frau Friga, and of course one of the Beppin SS's rising stars: Schütze Roald
D. Penguin. I had noticed this myself, but soon realised that although the current trend of Bird race Beppin residents is quite noticible; it has not been to the detriment of the community. It must be said that Beppin as a country and an ideal has no issue with the Bird race. The eagle as a majestic bird of prey is one of our most powerful and recognised symbols, a tradition carried on from Herr Hitler's Third Reich, so the Bird race is a part of our establishment as an icon and symbol.

I wasn't personally aware of any prejudice or racial negativity toward the Bird race, but when Frau Marina brought the subject up, it did make me think. Would life in Beppin improve if it was inhabited solely by members of the Bird race? Or should I be concerned that the Bird race out numbers other races in Beppin currently? The answer to both of the questions was a resounding "No".

Even though, currently, the majority of Beppians are of the feathered variety, it does not mean that this is how the demographic will stay. I do think it is an interesting situation we are currently experiencing, but it only takes a few changes and a reshuffle of citizens to change this dynamic completely. I welcome the opportunity to experience what the different elements of the Bird race can offer our nation and until evidence suggests otherwise I will welcome them to Beppin with no preconceived ideas of what kind of individuals they are.

Although my experience Herr Anchovy W. Bird wasn't what I'd define as ideal, it was still of a positive nature. It displayed to me how Beppin is not for everyone.
But, it's not for everyone based on things other than race. The individual attitudes of the citizen is what is a defining feature of their comfort in Beppin, not their racial lineage. The incredible diversity of the animal kingdom means assuming otherwise would be an uneducated and unfair view. To this end Beppin is welcoming of all races of animal. The Beppin philsophy, unlike Herr Hitler's, is not race oriented. Its the personality of the individual that proves or denies their worth over their genetic history.

On this principle Beppin welcomes all. But please remember: it is your actions and personality that are the deciding factors in whether or not Beppin will become your home, or just a stopover on your way to another destination. Thank you for your questions Frau Marina, you serve Beppin greatly, I wish you well, and lots of Lovely furniture in your future.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Ebb And Flow Of Beppin's Citizens

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Its odd how things sometimes happen all at once. How for weeks on end there seems to be little change, then, literally overnight, there are sweeping changes to the Beppin landscape. This has happened in regards to a recent reshuffle in current Beppians. Quite what has brought this on in such a short space of time isn't something I understand. I'll put it down to coincidence. I think if there was a more sinister reason the Beppin SS would have definitely picked up on it. Still, it's a nice change and keeps things fresh and interesting. We always welcome new residents to Beppin and if it means losing some current residents then so be it.

The first move happened Monday night, Frau Pippy M. Rabbit disappeared to new pastures, with the only notification to myself being a short letter that came with Tuesday morning's post. Frau Pippy was always an odd little rabbit. She was definitely one of a kind and although she wasn't what I'd call a learned colleague, I'd definitely say she was a true champion of Beppin's values and way of life. Farewell Frau Pippy, I'll miss seeing you running around Beppin for no apparent other reason than your own personal amusement on my regular walks.

Following Frau Pippy's departure a certain Teddy S. Bear set up residence on Beppin's south eastern foreshore. I've been quite taken with Herr Teddy so far, he's warmed quite quickly to the Beppin way of life much to my pleasure. Then again, he is the neighbour of Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken who's magnetic personality and love of Beppin can be very infectious. I do think Herr Teddy could be excellent material for the Beppin SS, so I made a point of posting him some information regarding membership benefits and roles in our little organisation this morning. The future looks bright for Herr Teddy.

The next change occurred that night with the moving of Anchovy W. Bird. I'd like to say I'll miss Herr Anchovy, but really, I think the values and ideals of Beppin were wasted on him. He was only a recent resident to Beppin and had never really fitted in. I don't know how many times I'd heard from other residents that he wasn't getting on well with other Beppians, often much to my surprise when asked about it. Herr Anchovy's unsettled attitude towards other Beppian's was good cause for him to move. If one can't get on with one's fellow townspeople then it is time to find a new place to call home.

The last part of this mini reshuffle was the arrival of Frau Friga I. Penguin. She arrived a bit under the weather unfortunately and was quite ill when I visited her house this evening. Thankfully Herr Nook still had some medicine in stock that I quickly purchased for her, which made an improvement to her demeanour almost instantly. Frau Friga was very appreciative and her manners and polite attitude was very welcome. I imagine it was the long journey from her previous country that brought this illness on, but one can't be too sure.

If this becomes a trend of newcomers arrivng with some kind of malaise, I might have to organise a meeting with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise regarding the possibility of a quarantine facility at Beppin's gates. The last thing we need is a rash of new Beppian's spreading disease throughout the country at the expense of current residents. I'll keep my eye on the next batch of newcomers and evaluate the situation from there. Rest assured some form of action will be taken if this continues.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Hall of Remembrance

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One of the wings of my personal residence in Beppin has become an shrine to the military presence in our nation. Through the years I've collected some pieces that I proudly display as an homage to those who've sacrificed themselves for the honour of Beppin. The eternal flames, symbolising the Third and Fourth Reichs, cast a warm glow over this wing and, as pictured, I often stop and reminisce in this part of my house while tending to my black tulips, themselves a symbol of loss and remembrance.

The artifacts are all very personally attached to me and have value far beyond mere Bells. The gasmask was used in trench warfare along Beppin's coast when liberating the land. The jungle camouflage field blouse was once the personal attire of the legendary figure: Sturmbannführer Samson A. Mouse. A proud Beppian who fought gallantly to secure the Beppin Neues Rheinland on our north western border in a bloody war of attrition that lasted for nearly half a year. Just being near these tactile memories of Beppin's history is a deep and moving feeling... one which strikes at my very heart.

My small shrine of remembrance of fallen heroes is a place of reflection for me. Whilst the sombre notes of K.K. Chorale play on my vintage gramophone, I can feel the spirit of Beppin become one with me. I can feel the pain of the past, and can see ahead to the bright future. Beppin as an idea and vision takes form in this hallowed hall. It is only through our history that we can make a future.

I find solace in the eternal flames. When I've felt that the world has been against me, and fought tooth and nail to keep me from my work, I can gain so much perspective through quiet reflection. With only their flickering light to guide me, the eternal flames of this shrine shall proudly lead us towards glorious times.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unsere Ehre Heisst Beppin

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The more I go through the nominations for this years Beppin Cross, the more I
remember former Beppians who are no longer a part of our nation. It pains me to
think that they are not here to witness the development of Beppin, but their work
in the earlier stages of this great land are undoubtably invaluable.

One of the earliest adoptees of Beppin as their homeland was Reichsführer Octavian K. Octopus. I've so many wonderful memories of time spent in Herr Octavian's company, he was instrumental in setting the groundwork for Beppin and for his development of the Beppin SS. Octavian and I spent countless hours formulating ideas and plans for the betterment of our country, and the need for a militant enforcer for Beppin's values became a necessity.

Some of the most powerful divisions of Herr Hitler's forces was the SS. A secret
police of sorts, designed to deal with the more pressing issues of the day in a
more, lets say, "visceral" capacity. The fear and respect the SS embued was
second to none, and Herr Hitler's original model served as a basic model for my
own Beppin SS, with some fundamental differences.

Myself and Reichsführer Octavian developed a plan by which we could deal with
dissidents and enemies of the state through the development of the SS Überraschung Begraben und Netz policy. Conspirators against Beppin were always a concern to me. I'm a firm believer that individuals who do not fit within our society's structures should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Beppin is a utopian model of perfection that has been proven.

If someone doesn't want to be a part of Beppin, for any reason, it is in their best interests to move to another place rather than incur the wrath of the Beppin SS. Dissidents come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes are where you least suspect them. I've seen new residents come to Beppin and settle in beautifully as active and passionate Beppians, only to change overnight into instigators of Anti-Beppin behaviours that they have attempted to use on other residents.

In these situations it dosen't take long for a Beppin SS member to get to find the
starting point of these problems and through the Überraschung Begraben und Netz
policy can deliver punishment quickly and decisively. Of course this policy needs
to be controlled by head SS officers and it is not tolerated if an SS member acts
without sufficient proof and evidence, lest they be punished themselves.

Outsiders have seen the Beppin SS as being a law unto themselves but this couldn't be further from the truth. Strict policies on acceptable public behaviour ensure that SS members are kind, courteous and respectful of all Beppin's residents and it is firmly embedded in their minds that Beppin's residents are what make it great. Beppin would be nothing without its residents who's values are shared and united.

Unsere Ehre heisst Beppin has always been the SS's motto and it's become a common value for Beppin's residents far and wide. The success of the Beppin SS is something I take great pride in, and when I walk the cobbled streets of Beppin at night on these summer evenings, its brings to mind the friendship and dilligence of Reichsführer Octavian K. Octopus and the tireless work he has done in bringing a new age of prosperity to our nation. I hope to one day see my friend Octavian again, although his work is a constant reminder to me, I long for the day I can visit him again in his moon and space themed house and catch up on old times.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beppin Cross Fever!

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It seems that Beppin Cross fever has gripped the nation, judging by the spectacle I just witnessed on the Beppin foreshore in a little conversation between Robin and Rocco. Such a powerful individual bearing testament to Beppin at such volume gives me goosebumps just recalling the memory.

Rocco L. Hippopotamus recently moved to Beppin from parts unknown, but has taken to life here incredibly quickly. It almost seemed like overnight that Rocco changed from confused new resident, to a passionately active Beppian. This is even more of a surprise due to his age. The older we get the more set in our ways we become and my initial impression of Rocco was of a rather abrupt and closed minded individual who lives his life by his own rules. Well, it seems that Beppin has brought the best out in him as he has settled in very well and always seems to be in his element as an advocate for the values of Beppin.

Although I've not yet received an official nomination for Rocco in the runnings for this years Beppin Cross, I see him as a genuine contender. The way Rocco has proclaimed his love and allegiance to Beppin over the past few weeks has served as a model by which I wish all new residents to our nation would live by. The passion and love of one's albeit adopted nation is something that I highly value. Unlike Herr Hitler, I do believe that individuals from different nations can come together as one to make an even more powerful entity, afterall, we don't choose our own place of birth, but we do choose where want to live. Moving to Beppin and adopting our ideals is not something one does on a whim.

Conversely, I never enjoy seeing Beppian's leave our fair nation, but sometimes I do believe it's for the best, in sometimes not so obvious ways. In sad news today Hauptscharführer Wolfgang C. Wolf moved away. After much discussion he convinced me it was the right thing for him to do. We all need to move on sometimes, and even though his presence in the Beppin SS will be very missed, I do understand his need to move on, and to spread the word of Beppin to new regions. I wish you well Hauptscharführer Wolfgang C. Wolf, your spirit lives on in Beppin and your work lives on in Schütze Roald D. Penguin. I hope what you've learned in Beppin serves you well and that you prosper in your new home. There will always be a place for you here though, and Beppin will always welcome you back with open arms.

Hauptscharführer Wolfgang C. Wolf, I salute you.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A spotlight on the staff of Beppin Post

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Inaugural first issue sheet of Beppin Post B50 postage stamps, from my personal collection

As mentioned yesterday, I'm receiving lots of entries for the 2006 Beppin Cross medal through the post. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to sing the praises of Beppin Post and their office in the Town Hall. During the formative stages of getting our little country together, it was imperative to get a fast and reliable postal service organised to ensure that all projects were coming together as planned.

Early discussions with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise lead us to how important staff would be and that the personnel are the back bone of a good postal system. From this point we secured three valuable individuals: two sisters, Pelly and Phyllis Pelican and 3 times decorated Wehrmacht envoy Unterfeldwebel Pete B. Pelican (no relation to the sisters).

The daring stories I'd heard of Unterfeldwebel Pete's heroic adventures in delivering valuable documents throughout the Third Reich's SS, Gestapo and Wehrmacht officers were the stuff of legend. On one occassion an enigma machine breakdown on the Russian front required fast delivery of crucial strategic information to Berlin, in the middle of winter with virtually zero visibility. This task was nigh on impossible, but Unterfeldwebel Pete managed to complete this mission in record time and singlehandedly intercepted Allied communiques regarding their presence in France during his passage. This was the first mission he was awarded a medal for, but it wasn't to be his last.

His well decorated service in the Third Reich made him an excellent choice for the auspicious role of being Beppin's postman. He took to this important role with aplomb and has never missed a delivery since his commission. This committment to mail delivery combined with his military past has been crucial in all postal activities in Beppin.

Of the Pelican sisters, Frau Pelly K. Pelican is the more easygoing and carefree, providing a balance to her markedly more uptight and bitter sister; Frau Phyllis Z. Pelican. Such polar opposites in physical appearance and demeanour make me wonder if they are indeed sisters at all or have a different mother or father. It is not my way conduct unwarranted questioning of the citizens of Beppin regarding their pasts or family history. Everyone starts from scratch in Beppin and begins their lives with a clean slate. If however, they fall into old behaviours that could be deemed detrimental, or a possible threat to other Beppians, action and investigation will have to be done, courtesy of the Beppin SS.

I trust Frau's Pelly and Phyllis with the handling of nearly all correspondance through Beppin (with the exception of the odd message in a bottle from far away shores), but this great responsibility means that if there is something amiss with Beppin Post, they will be the first individuals questioned. A great responsibility indeed, and one they've done with pride and honour for many years of service.

But I digress. Beppin Post has been an institution of our country of which I'm very proud. From its inception it has been a jewel in the crown of our achievements and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Beppin Post staff for all their tireless work: with every delivery, you make Beppin a stronger, prouder and more efficient nation.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Beppin Cross Winner 2006: Who will it be?

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I do love July. Not only has it proven to be a month thats a wonderful time for collecting insects and fish in previous years, but its also the month that I get to present the most prestigious medal of our nation: The Beppin Cross. This medal is awarded to the most active and loyal citizens of Beppin and is a reflection of the conviction and passion an individual displays for their country.

It's an even more exciting time this year as the award is open to all citizens of Beppin for the first time. Previously, the Beppin Cross was exclusively awarded to the military, but this year any citizen can be nominated. I've received some very interesting ones too, from some very confident citizens, and I quote:

"Dear Baron,

Please give me the medal. I've been a very good Beppian for the last year and have done everything possible to make Beppin the bestest place ever! I didn't even move any of the flowers during Flower Fest! You need only ask my neighbours, Marina and Rocco, about how much I love this place. I LOVE BEPPIN!! PLEASE give me the shiny new medal!

Love and Hugs

Pippy Rabbit"

This is just a mere sample of the calibre of letters sent to me this week. It's going to be a very tough choice, but I think the one, truly deserving citizen will stand out from all the other entries. I'd like to thank everyone for their nominations, and the recipient of the 2006 Beppin Cross will be announced on Sunday, 16th of July, with a presentation to the individual the following Monday.

Its always such a pleasure to be able to reward the citizens of Beppin so overtly, and make them feel that special connection to our nation that I feel every day.
Good luck Beppians! Keep those entries coming in!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Gypsies.... its always the gypsies

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Every monday, without fail. Every monday. Beppin gets a visitor. An unwelcome visitor. A visitor who peddles their filthy illgotten wares brazenly in front of
Beppin's illustrious Town Hall. I've had a bone to pick with Redd Fox for quite a while now, and he simply isn't getting the message. As clearly evidenced in the image above taken this afternoon, he is not welcome. For someone like myself, it dosen't bother me too much on his asking prices for some of his items, and it sometimes makes me laugh at what he prices his baubles for, but I've had far to many letters from Beppians complaining of his constant stream of fake paintings. I can tolerate outside traders who will offer items that Herr Nook won't stock, but I will not stand for art forgeries being sold as the genuine article.

One too many times I've cautiously bought a painting off this Fox character and proudly presented it to Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl only to find it is indeed a forgery. This kind of vile practice must be stopped. I called an emergency meeting with Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken this evening and it has been decided that further, stronger, action must be taken. If this Redd character won't pay attention to our signs, then we will be forced into making this a priority of the Beppin SS.

This will be a three pronged strategy. Firstly, all Beppians will be contacted by Beppin Post mail to report any activity or contact with Redd Fox (or any of the many "cousins" he seems to have). Our citizens will be obliged to report all information regarding Redd to their representative of the Beppin SS immediately.

Secondly, Brigadeführer Copper K. Dog will tighten security at Beppin's gates. All too often he has left the gate in the charge of the frankly incompetent Schütze Booker E. Dog, who has let more than a few questionable visitors through in the past. All visitors must present all relevant documentation and vertification of their identity before being allowed admittance. Additionally no visas will be issued for a stay longer than 24 hours, unless the individual is moving in permanently.

Thirdly, Beppin will cease trading with outside countries who's interests and values are not the same. Beppin's primary retailer, Herr Nook, will have to record and verify all items sold to every citizen. Each person will have access to this record and if called upon, Herr Nook must be able to reorder said item to prove its authenticity and origin. The Beppin SS has power invested in its members to investigate to the fullest extent of the law any trading done in Beppin that can not have its legitimacy proved conclusively.

These actions must be taken unfortunately. Its paintings today, but it could be Regal or even Cabana furniture tomorrow. The government of Beppin will not let this occur, and I for one will not allow for a situation where the HRA take away points on our decors due to owning "furniture of suspect origin". I, as a leader, will not stand for this and will take all measures possible to keep fraudulent or imitation furniture off the streets and out of the houses of Beppin, once and for all!

Welcome Schütze Roald D. Penguin, newest recruit to the Beppin SS

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Isn't it wonderful when you get to effect someone positively? I mean, having a direct effect on a person's outlooks and beliefs, it is a wonderful feeling. As mentioned previously, Roald D. Penguin had a few issues with Beppin when he moved in a few days ago. I kept an eye on this lad from a distance as I wasn't too sure what he was about. Alas, when I saw him arguing with Hauptscharführer Wolfgang a couple of days ago about his perceived issues with how one was to live in Beppin, I actually feared we may have to lose him... one way or another.

It's often hard for outsiders from different ways of life to acclimatise to their new lives in Beppin, but I'm very proud to say that Roald has joined the Beppin SS this weekend and is welcoming the training and lifestyle change with open arms. Wolfgang mentioned to me this evening on the beach front that he was most impressed with Roald's change of attitude, and had taken him under his wing. A victory for Wolfgang and, indeed, a victory for Beppin.

To celebrate this I paid a visit to young Roald's house this evening. It was heartwarming to see how focussed he is on getting his training up and improving him self. I believe his competitive nature will see his star rise grandly in the Beppin SS and I look forward to seeing his development as a citizen and as an officer.

Congratulations Schütze Roald D. Penguin, and it's a nice bonus that you like the uniform so much too.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beppin's Inauguration: Beppin Day 1944

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Looking through my old photo's, as one does, I came across this gem. Taken on the 6th of December 1944, this was the day Beppin became a reality. To celebrate the beginning of a new order, I invited Herr Hitler to be our special guest. I really thought he wasn't going to make it as there was so much work to do in Berlin at this time,... bad times for the Third Reich indeed. But he made it. I remember thinking to myself that I'd taken on too much in making Beppin, and that it wouldn't get off the ground at all. But come that date, it all came together. And Herr Hitler even managed to present me with the first ever piece of furniture for the town (as pictured), it was a spanking new Exotic Bench, wonderful choice mein Führer,... I still have it stored away, and often sit on it in silence remembering how far we've come. I miss you Herr Hitler. I miss your friendship and guidance every day.

Pictured to the left is a fresh faced Brigadeführer Copper K. Dog, a longterm friend in the Wehrmacht who also earned early honourable discharge from the army for performing services of extreme valour. I don't believe Beppin would be the place it is today without the insight and experience of Copper. On countless occassions his viewpoint and ideas have questioned my own and given me so much more perspective in Beppin's formation. It was an obvious choice for Copper to man the gates of Beppin, he knows who should pass through and who shouldn't. Copper's role has been instrumental in making Beppin what it is today, and seeing this photo just brings back so many memories of sitting down with a pilsener, and discussing the future, with my good friend Copper.

Pictured to the far right is a very young Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl. Where do I begin with Blathers. Perhaps the best way is to recount one of my first personal experiences with a young Blathers. As a specialist in natural history, I had assigned Blathers to oversee all organisation and planning of the Beppin Museum. In our formative stages, Blathers had mentioned to me his fondness for certain elements of the museum, but rather disparaging discomfort with others, namely insects. I had written this off to sheer eccentricity, that was until I presented young Blathers with a small butterlfy I'd captured during my surveying of the town one day. Upon receipt of this inoffensive little specimen, Blathers seemed to lose all common sense and began to behave rather panicky. The poor old bird has an inate fear of insects that has now become famous and regardless of how many the museum receives, he still can't get used to them. His attempts to always keep a lid on the insects I've passed over to him have always brought a smile to my face. His passion for history and nature are wonderfully juxtaposed with his uniformly extreme hatred of anything with more than four legs. Which brings to mind Blathers' quiet words to me before I accepted the presentation from Herr Hitler: "I think I just saw a ladybird in those flowers. If I see it again I'm afraid I'll have to leave, wot wot."