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Monday, July 17, 2006

And The Winner Of The 2006 Beppin Cross Is....

Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken

Yes, after much deliberation a clear cut winner of this year's Beppin Cross has been decided. This year's recipient was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make for this medal. Opening it up to Beppian's outside of the military meant not only more entries (more than 20 this year, quite a record) but also that the criteria for deservedness had to be altered.

A civillian's life is not so easy to quantify the conquests, goals and achievements in relation to Beppin's values. This proved hard to balance with the much more structured military based criteria. For instance, its a lot easier to grade a Beppin SS officer's annual record of their use of the Überraschung Begraben und Netz policy, but should this have the same value as a civillian Beppian's respectful purchase of their own flowers for Flowerfest instead of just moving already planted flora in an act of civil disobedience? Its a hard call, but one I've really enjoyed doing, as more than anything else it's shown me how proud and valuable every single resident of Beppin is.

But back to this years winner. Herr Benedict has been a long and loyal member of Beppin. Originally Herr Benedict came to Beppin (like many others) not quite sure of how they would fit in. Previously, Herr Benedict was a civillian in the times of the Third Reich (as evidenced below) but his longing for a regime closer to his ideals kept him from being a true supporter of Herr Hitler's philosophies. Herr Benedict once shared with me one night, that although he thought the Third Reich did its best to make it work, it was lacking that certain something that would convince him of getting behind the movement 100%.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingA young Herr Benedict at a Third Reich rally

I didn't want to push Herr Benedict for what this indeed was, but my interest was genuinely piqued. After some more deliberation and stalling on his part, he told me what kept him from swearing allegiance to Herr Hitler: It was the furniture. Herr Benedict was not a fan of the modern and art deco style of Third Reich architecture and furniture design, and saw it as the Third Reich's major short coming. He said: "I can't be a part of an empire that goes against all my personal values and taste in interior design".

At this point I realised how much Herr Benedict respected and honoured the ideals of Beppin. One of our major policies is experimental interior design. We are not answerable as a government to any individual style or design. Indeed, it is the diversity of furniture and interior design that I believe makes the landscape of Beppin so valuable and reflective of the individuals who live here.

It was these ideals, combined with many other elements I had evolved from the original plans of the Third Reich, that struck Herr Benedict with the loyalty to Beppin he has displayed all year round. I remember once, a few months ago, that Herr Benedict decided to leave Beppin. I believe he needed to do some personal growth outside of our nation, and to get some perspective. I missed his presence in Beppin greatly, but within a month this model citizen returned. He said he travelled far, and he travelled wide, but Beppin was the only place he could ever call home.

On his return, Herr Benedict immediately joined the Beppin SS. His role in it has been a supreme model of dilligence and strength that has seen him rise to the rank of Oberstgruppen-Führer in record time. His achievements on so many levels have simply been astounding. His intiatives in Beppin SS policy and his role of authority have been exemplary. But what makes Herr Benedict such a deserved winner of this years Beppin Cross, ironically, isn't from his military service.

No. The main reason for Herr Benedict's recieving of the 2006 Beppin Cross is his interior design efforts. Yes, the freedoms he wished for in use of furniture under the Third Reich have been realised in an explosive display of creativity in his very own house. One dosen't just visit Herr Benedict's home: one experiences it.
Yes, his passion for using seemingly diametrically opposed furniture designs, often right next to eachother, is just inspired work, and as he so often says, a lot of his work is too cutting edge for even the HRA.

Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken is a model Beppian who's work in and out of the Beppin SS has finally been rewarded with Beppin's highest decoration: the Beppin Cross.

I look forward to presenting this to you tomorrow my dear friend and would like to personally thank you for being an intrinsic part of what Beppin is all about.


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Dr Hamhock MD said...

Congratulations to Benedict.

He is indeed a ray of light; conscientious, honourable and fun. Following my recent visit, he even took the time to write and pass-on his kind regards, on behalf of all the Beppinians.

Long may his fine example continue.


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