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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Baron Vs. The Monster

In my time as leader of Beppin, I've come across many foes. Enemies who've threatened our country at many different levels. From an all out attack along our border, to enemy spies infiltrating Beppin's governance. I've seen a lot in my time, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I encountered last night.

On my evening consitutional on the pathways around Beppin's Town Hall, I heard an odd noise. It was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. It sounded like an insect, but heavier, much heavier... and bigger. No sooner had I heard this strange noise than a behemoth, the likes of which I've never beared witness too before, scuttled across my path.

I stood still in complete amazement. One hears legends of such beast's existence, but to see one in the flesh, well, it was quite the surprise. This shadowy form moved quickly but as it exited the bordering shrubbery and entered the cobble stone town square, the magnitude of this beast came into full view. Right before me was monstrous scorpion. Its length exceeded my height from the angle I briefly witnessed it from and it inspired complete terror, instantly.

I readied my net and followed its direction into a heavily wooded area west of the Town Hall. I had a sneaking suspicion, in the back of my mind, that I was putting myself at a strategic disadvantage as the ground cover made my adversary disappear almost instantly. I knew he was in there. I knew he was running from a battle he knew he couldn't win, but the evironmental advantage could not be discounted.

Scannning everything that bore leaves with tense anticipation, I hunted my quarry. Every tree and flower became a possible camouflage for this most heinous of monsters. Sweat began to bead on my brow, as my grip tightened around my net. The gentle creaking of a nearby cicada stopped. For one second everything went silent. Time stopped,.... and then continued with a surprise attack from deep within the yellow pansies on the river's bank. The sickening sound of a hard as steel poisonous spike tearing through clothing and flesh came next, followed by complete darkness.

I came to, after an unknown amount of time at the front door of my residence in Victory Way. I had no idea how I got back home, or the longterm damage I had received. Firstly, I visited Herr Nooks and purchased some medicine, to be on the safe side, creatures of this ones denomination are often venomous, afterall. After taking it, I cautiously headed back to the last place I saw the monstrous Todesstinger.

The familiar surrounds west of the Town Hall seemed to be complately foreign, and every new sound inspired panic and terror. I found the yellow pansies that I'd last seen the monster in. Net in hand I pummelled these seemingly innocent flowers, over and over. To be sure. But the monster wasn't there....Nothing was caught.

I then realised that in the unknown amount of time that had passed between my passing out and regaining of consciousness that the Todesstinger could be anywhere in Beppin. The fear gripped me instantly. I had a quick conversation with Frau Marina A. Octopus who was taking her evening stroll nearby. She had no idea of the danger she was in, and continued her walk without caution. As she disappeared past the Bulletin Board, I decided to get back to my home base to evaluate this situation and develop a plan of attack, from the safety of my residence.

With my home literally steps away, it happened.


That sickening noise, emanating from behind an apple tree. A sneak attack that I wasn't prepared for. The searing pain of the Todesstinger's poison filled spike bursting into my chest. The feeling of stupidity, as I had just realised, at that moment, that I had become the hunted. I remember seeing its horrible, evil eyes as I lost consciousness and collapsed on Beppin's cold, cobbled paths...

Once again I awoke in front of my residence. Metres from where I had been assaulted. Again, unsure of how much time had passed, but with one pure thought running through my mind: VENGEANCE.

I retired to my quarters and spent the evening developing plans of attack to rid Beppin of this abomination. I spent a long and tiring evening in my laboratory experimenting with different theories and ideas. I knew it was within me to find a solution to this problem. Then, at 2am it hit me, like the evil scorpions barbed tail itself. I knew what I had to do and I felt a wave of elation sweep over me. Using all my intellect and resources I had come up with a plan that could not fail. Its sheer ingenuity would surely prove this monster's undoing and I set the plan into action.....

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At 1:35 AM, Blogger Hamstermemnon said...

First things first, mien herr, get a breast plate and back plate from a suit of armour from the musuem. Protect yourself from that stringer! but do not under-estimate the powercontained in those pincers!


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