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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Beppin Day 1948 Memories

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When looking through some of my documents for an old letter from the HRA today, I found this photo. It was taken on Beppin Day 1948, and I remember it like it was yesterday. That year Beppin Day coincided, almost to the day, with Herr Nook refurbishing his establishment and reopening as Nookway. Herr Nook had been planning this for months, unbeknownst to myself. The grand unveiling of Nookway provided a wonderful accompaniment to the usual Beppin Day celebrations.

Keen observers of the photograph will have noticed Sally H. Squirrel in front of Nookway's entrance. At this time Frau Sally was a new resident of Beppin, in fact she was one of the first individuals to take up residence. Frau Sally and I quickly became very close friends and shared a great deal of our time with eachother. Frau Sally became the epitomy of Beppin's values and ideals to me very quickly and I had soon fallen for her more than I had realised.

Frau Sally and myself spent much of our time together discussing the future of Beppin. Her ideas were so close to my own that often it was like we were of the same mind. Such a closeness is most uncommon, and for a battle weary old warhorse like myself, it proved incredibly refreshing. Intoxicating even.

It had been a long time since this old Baron had experienced the feelings for anyone the way they were felt with Frau Sally. It's more than likely hard to understand for most people, but when one connects so succinctly with another individual, the once perceived barriers seem to disappear.

Those experiences I had with Frau Sally in Beppin were wonderful times, times I won't be soon to forget. When someone effects your life so profoundly and deeply, it is futile to deny them that presence. Alas, Frau Sally moved from Beppin to parts unknown after only staying a few months. With little more than a short note, Frau Sally left my life just as quickly as she'd entered it.

The one saving grace that eases my missing of her is that she gave me a picture of herself before she moved away. It became one of my most valued possessions, and takes pride of place on my Modern coffee table in the upstairs level of my personal quarters. Whenever I'm feeling low, or lost, I can see my dear Sally's image and remember the wonderful times we had experienced. Her picture shows me that it is so important to have experienced those times and feelings and remember them, and that that can't be taken away, regardless of what happens after that individual has left your life. On the back of the picture Sally wrote: "Just something to remember me by.",.. just something to remember you by indeed.

Frau Sally H. Squirrel taught me a lot about myself, which I have taken on in my work in Beppin. She was an important and irreplaceable symbol of the potential of Beppin and to this day serves as my inspiration. Though you may only be seen as a part of the background in this photograph from Beppin Day 1948, believe me when I say, my dear Sally, that all that Beppin has become would not have been possible with out you.


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