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Friday, July 14, 2006

Birds Of A Feather

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A well seasoned Beppian in her own right, Frau Marina V. Octopus has been making her presence well known to me lately. Previously, my personal experience with Frau Marina had been passing on some Lovely themed furniture and the usual pleasantries in passing, apart from this, she has kept to herself. However, one never, ever hears a bad word about Frau Marina. As a true Beppian she has settled into our fair land and lived her life happily and (judging by her Lovely furniture collection) rather prosperously. She dosen't enter into any of the gossip or rumour mongering a lot of individuals fall prey too which is a refreshing change from some of the other residents.

A role model citizen, Frau Marina has become a front runner in the Beppin Cross this year, it will be very interesting to see if she recieves any nomination before entries close on Saturday. I always find these unsung type personalities who don't go for the spotlight are often the most interesting characters who seem to offer an awful lot more than they let on.

As was the case this evening, when Frau Marina asked what I thought of the recent influx of Beppians of the bird race, as pictured. Beppin has recently had quite a pronounced influx of residents of Bird race. Herr Anchovy, Frau Robin, Frau Friga, and of course one of the Beppin SS's rising stars: Sch├╝tze Roald
D. Penguin. I had noticed this myself, but soon realised that although the current trend of Bird race Beppin residents is quite noticible; it has not been to the detriment of the community. It must be said that Beppin as a country and an ideal has no issue with the Bird race. The eagle as a majestic bird of prey is one of our most powerful and recognised symbols, a tradition carried on from Herr Hitler's Third Reich, so the Bird race is a part of our establishment as an icon and symbol.

I wasn't personally aware of any prejudice or racial negativity toward the Bird race, but when Frau Marina brought the subject up, it did make me think. Would life in Beppin improve if it was inhabited solely by members of the Bird race? Or should I be concerned that the Bird race out numbers other races in Beppin currently? The answer to both of the questions was a resounding "No".

Even though, currently, the majority of Beppians are of the feathered variety, it does not mean that this is how the demographic will stay. I do think it is an interesting situation we are currently experiencing, but it only takes a few changes and a reshuffle of citizens to change this dynamic completely. I welcome the opportunity to experience what the different elements of the Bird race can offer our nation and until evidence suggests otherwise I will welcome them to Beppin with no preconceived ideas of what kind of individuals they are.

Although my experience Herr Anchovy W. Bird wasn't what I'd define as ideal, it was still of a positive nature. It displayed to me how Beppin is not for everyone.
But, it's not for everyone based on things other than race. The individual attitudes of the citizen is what is a defining feature of their comfort in Beppin, not their racial lineage. The incredible diversity of the animal kingdom means assuming otherwise would be an uneducated and unfair view. To this end Beppin is welcoming of all races of animal. The Beppin philsophy, unlike Herr Hitler's, is not race oriented. Its the personality of the individual that proves or denies their worth over their genetic history.

On this principle Beppin welcomes all. But please remember: it is your actions and personality that are the deciding factors in whether or not Beppin will become your home, or just a stopover on your way to another destination. Thank you for your questions Frau Marina, you serve Beppin greatly, I wish you well, and lots of Lovely furniture in your future.


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Hamstermemnon said...

a country full of birds? where can the harm possibly be in that?
as long as the are not crows, or Newquay seagulls, ofcourse


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