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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Fruitful Day In Beppin

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Its been a nice and casual day in Beppin today. Even the incessant rain, that hasn't abated since last night, couldn't dampen the spirits of Beppin's citizens who are still firmly in the grip of Beppin Cross fever. The final nominations for this prestigious award came in the post this morning, and I've been going through the entries most of this afternoon. To have a break from the paperwork I took a stroll this evening to catch some insects.

Whilst scanning for new species on the tree trunks, I realised I was next to Beppin's only orange tree, as pictured. This is a special tree for me, and it often gives me an opportunity for reflection and remembrance. The sole orange tree in Beppin is a testament to change and progress, but also respecting and honouring the past.

You see, when Beppin was first settled and reclaimed, its only fruit trees were orange trees. Oranges are Beppin's native fruit, and they could be seen from the Neues Rheinland in the north west through to the Eastern Tiefländer and as far south as the Beppin Foreshore. This was always a rich and fertile land and I made it a personal mission of mine to make this land more vibrant, diverse and profitable by growing new and exotic fruits from faraway lands.

This required much work, and it became a passion of mine to grow every single fruit possible. Apples, peaches, pears, cherries and coconuts (yes, even coconuts) were soon growing and bearing fruit across this land. I began taking down orange trees with gusto. Purchasing new axes from Herr Nook almost daily as my fervour for cutting down Beppin's native fruit trees became my number one priority. This continued unabated for weeks that grew into months. With every foreign fruit that became ripe to pick, orange trees were cut down and replaced by my valuable imported varieties. I could feel the economic power of Beppin rising every day.

Suddenly Herr Nook's prices for furniture and other goods seemed a mere pittance, and my home loan repayments were becoming more and more frequent as my income increased exponentially with every new harvest. But I fell into a trap, one that wasn't a cunningly placed pitfall seed. No.. I fell into a trap of exploiting the land for my own gain. I could argue with myself that it is all justifiable for the glory of Beppin, but to be honest with myself I have to admit I was raping this land. The land I had loved, and nurtured and respected had turned into an industrialised fruit manufacturing concern.

It was at this point, on the brink of economic servitude that I realised my folly and saw with eyes fully opened for the first time, that being a slave to foreign fruit markets was not going to be a future that served the values and ideals of Beppin for the future. It had to stop, and it wasn't a moment too soon.

When I surveyed Beppin with my newly awoken vision, I realised that there was one, single, solitary orange tree left in the entire country. Just one. Where once there were literally tens of orange trees growing, only one remained. The once dominant and common had become the endangered, and this sent a shock through my system like lying on a Lab bench.

This was a watershed moment for Beppin. A time of rebirth and a paradigm shift in the operation of our nation. From this point on the fruit of the land became a natural resource that was not produced for the exclusive quest of the almighty Bell. No, our fruit became, once again, a part of Beppin that was to be respected and honoured, and something to always be thankful for.

This lone orange tree takes pride of place just to the east of the Golden Gates of Beppin. This simple, yet poignant monument to Beppin's history stands without fanfare or ceremony, but its noble branches bear the fruit of Beppin's heritage, a truly majestic duty that I fully respect and appreciate as a native part of what makes Beppin great.


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