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Monday, July 24, 2006

Herr Benedict Digs Himself Deeper

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If Herr Benedict is indeed innocent in this affair, he has a very odd way of trying to prove it. My conversation with him this evening in Beppin's Westliche Fluss-Gärten wasn't what I was expecting, actually, every time I've talked to Herr Benedict over the last few days has been surprising experience. Almost as if something had changed in him, something that has given him renewed passion, but also given him a definite air of grimness.

Also, there has still been no word of Herr Rocco's whereabouts. In a conversation I had with New Beppian Frau Purrl O. Cat this evening, my heart almost sank through her freshly installed Kitchen Tile when she told me she had dug up something shocking today. Thankfully it was only someone's buried diary... and not a portion of Herr Rocco as I'd immediately imagined.

Surveying Herr Benedict from a distance this afternoon I noticed no erratic or uncharacteristic behaviour and his general attitude was of good humour in his social interactions with other Beppians. Indeed, if he is hiding something, he is doing it incredibly well. My mind is constantly trying to work out what his motives and justifications were for what I have been led to believe has happened.

In other news New Beppian Herr Cyrano F. Anteater has been settling into daily life in our fair nation after his arrival midweek. I thought his choice of taking up residence on some of Beppin's most valuable real estate (immediately adjacent to the Beppin Nationales Denkmal) was a very bold move.

I believe that where individuals choose to live is very true indication of their character and values. For instance, to choose to live nearer to Beppin's coastline shows a need for privacy due to its distance from the busier regions of Beppin. It also displays, apart from a fondness for the beach, a explorative nature to ones character, indeed I often find Beppin's foreshore residents "out exploring" when not at home.

This theory extends to individuals who choose to live in the more urbanised surrounds nearer to Herr Nooks and Frau's Mabel and Sable Able's businesses' in our retail precinct. A need for close proximity to life's needs and luxuries serves as a more relevant aspect for those living here. As is evidenced by the nearby residences of Frau Purrl and Frau Marina, both of which are rather fond of regular furniture shopping and following the fashion trends of Beppin.

Indeed, this theory extends to all regions of Beppin and it proves very interesting where newcomers decide to set up their residence. It never fails to spark my interest and makes for much happier Beppian's when they can live exactly where they want to based on their needs and wants as individuals.


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Dr Hamhock MD said...

Reading the letter I received from Bendict, it makes even less sense than it did originally.

Maybe it's an insane code.

I will forward the "evidence" promptly.


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