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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Investigation Continues

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It's been a long day for this old Baron. Confronting Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken this evening with the evidence I've collected in the last 24hrs produced the above response. I don't know if it's the testimony of a madchicken or someone who thinks that this case against him is entirely ludicrous. Indeed for all the evidence I've noted, there is indeed not one defining element that could convict Herr Benedict of this supposed crime.

For one, there is technically no evidence of Rocco L. Hippopotamus's actual murder. The lack of a forwarding address presented to Beppin's authorities can be interepted from numerous angles. For one it could be seen as Herr Rocco's last act of defiance in his apparent distaste of Beppin (as documented in his final letter) and washing his hands of our country all together. Conversely, his demise in Beppin could cause the same result.

I do know one thing for sure though, until I find more conclusive evidence, I will be digging up fossils and gyroids with much trepidation of what might be lurking below the surface of Beppin's fertile soil. Nothing untoward was unearthed in my recent excavations today, but my once unfettered excitement at discovering new places to dig for antiquities has changed to grim fear at what part of Herr Rocco might greet me from its shallow grave.

I had an impromptu meeting with Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise this afternoon in regards to this matter, the first Beppian I've shared my knowledge on the subject with, to see if he might have any suggestions for my finding more facts. Particularly about Herr Rocco's wherabouts. Herr Tortimer had some very good ideas.

Firstly, that I should visit Herr Nooks and buy as many bottles with notes in them as possible, writing to ask that if anyone knows the wherabouts of Herr Rocco to notify the Beppin SS immediately, which I promptly did. He also suggested to spread word of this to further lands. He said there was a good chance that Herr Rocco has moved to country with whom Beppin is friendly with. The leaders of these nations will have definite proof if he has indeed moved into their nations.

Of course, I would love nothing better to hear that Herr Rocco is living happily in another land... I like that idea much more than digging up his remains in Beppin in some unspecified time in the future. Even with Herr Rocco's apparent distaste of Beppin in recent times, I for one would never wish murder upon someone who was actually moving away from Beppin to fix the situation. Of course staying in our country and causing dissent for an extended period is a different thing all together, and such individuals are dealt with accordingly.

I'd also greatly enjoy having irrefutable proof that Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken is entirely innocent. His refusal to produce an alibi to this deed hasn't done him any favours however, but I do indeed understand his complete disbelief in why he is being questioned over this incident when he has been such a massive part of the animal infrastructure of Beppin for so long, and that there is indeed no solid proof to even prove that any harm has come to Herr Rocco at all.

I am hoping that tomorrow I am greeted with news of Herr Rocco's safe arrival in another land and that, then, Herr Benedict can explain to me exactly what he meant in our previous conversations. I would wish for nothing more than to put this entire incident behind me and move on to more productive matters, and I dearly hope that happens instead of the situation of Herr Benedict G. Chicken versus The Citizens Beppin in the murder of Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus in Beppin's Courts of Justice.

Please, if anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Herr Rocco L. Hippopotamus, please let me know, any pertinent infromation can be sent via email to or via BeppinPost to the following address:

Baron Von Beppin
1 Victory Way
Nordöstliche Hochländer

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Non Stop Ive ! said...

I couldn't help but notice he has rearranged his furniture since the photo of him accepting the cross.
A clue ?
Either way, it took real balls to confront him alone in his house.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Baron Von Beppin said...

A clue indeed. As to whether it's his lastest burst of creativity or a sign of more sinister things, I'm yet to discover. But I'm definitely going to be more than a tad concerned if a Hippopotamus Skull turns up in his living room amid the other fossils.


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