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The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


There are many legends in our lands. Folklore, tales that go back before time was recorded. These are told from generation to generation and often get more and more entertainingly embellished with each retelling. It's these stories that form the basis of many superstitions that seem to be very, very powerful.

I've been told one since I was wee Baron. One of scary monsters, monsters of great power. Monsters who are now very, very real. The legend I speak of was about a race of creatures of untold power. They were hybrids of two type living creatures: gyroids and animals. These creature's had no names, they roamed the woodlands and forests of our continent. Wreaking havoc when threatened by channelling their natural elemental power of their base animal and the gyroid element they were formed with.

These creatures were blamed for many acts of terror and destruction, the truth of which is rather uncertain. It was the vehemence of their powers that has withstood the tests of time, all the legends had this common theme. One is told that if one hears the same story from multiples of different sources then it indeed may be based in truth. I for one have heard many, many legends based on these creatures over the course of my life, and based on the current knowledge I've acquired in my experiments with Beppin's gyroids, I'd be a fool to think a hybrid animal/gyroid being wouldn't be of a creature of untold power.

Which brings us to Coco. I had first encountered Frau Coco in Nut City, a few months ago. Her visage shocked me through to my bones upon seeing this godless monstrosity. At this stage I'd not yet begun the plans for Beppin's Dinosaurierabteilung and it's appearance brought to mind those childhood nightmares caused by reading too many fairy tales before bedtime. Casual introductions were all I could deal with before I made a hasty exit from her admittedly nicely furnished abode.

I've always been a firm believer in things happening for a reason. The decisions and events that shape our lives are often obvious and if something is supposed to happen, then things will fall into place to make it a reality. It's been a creed of mine for many years and rings true very often. We can make things happen if we just recognise what it is we need to make our dreams reality.

I could say it was a coincidence that Coco moved to Beppin, but I see far too many other circumstances and events that have happened along this path to simply write it off to chance. No. This was meant to happen. Frau Coco is quite possibly the missing link in much of the data the Third Reich couldn't acquire during their forays into dinosaur regeneration.

Exciting as this is, I feel I must take very small steps in including Frau Coco in our plans. I can definitely assure you that this new Beppian will be receiving some special treatment from Beppin's Baron, but I do hope this will be reciprocal in the long run.

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Things seem to be off to a good start however. A Lab Wall present from Frau Coco this evening... a sign of things to come?

Everything happens for a reason...


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