The Beppin Legacy

The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Dino Solution

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The last few days have been rather eventful in the glorious land of Beppin. Not the least of which has been a country wide intitiative formulated by myself, B├╝rgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise and the Beppin SS. A new decree has been intiated. A decree from now on to be known as The Dino Solution.

In order to collect the necessary amount of life force from the land's gyroids to resurrect a full Dinosaurierabteilung, we must take action at a national level. Beppin must make it a priority to collect these gyroids, as is the burden of every citizen, and then transport them to our science laboratory for use. The Dino Solution will allow every citizen to take an active and valuable role in the creation of our formidable Dinosaurierabteilung and will make the entire process much more effective.

From this point on gyroids will become a national resource that must be only used for the honour of Beppin. Those found harbouring gyroids, or using them for purposes other than those in described in the Dino Solution will be punished to the full extent of the powers of the Beppin SS.

It's been decided that this action must be taken, as the more myself and Herr Benedict experiment, the more gyroids we use up. The combinations of gyroids and fossils is very large, and filtering off breeds of gyroid will eventually make this process as streamlined as possible. We are constantly in need of more however, and this policy must be enforced to ensure the results we need are attainable.

The Dino Solution's details have been sent off via BeppinPost to all citizens of Beppin. Everyone will recieve this special notice in their mail tomorrow and from then on are expected to follow its instructions to the letter. Of course there will be punishment for those not willing to partake in the Dino Solution, but I firmly believe the citizens of Beppin will embrace this new directive with open arms.

Never before has the value of each individual citizen been so great. Indeed, it is the work of the individual that will aid their country in a way that was previously impossible. Through the Dino Solution Beppin will be strengthened, and through our strength we will be able to show the world our honour, tradition and ideology.