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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Expired Gyroids For Sale, Job Lot: Going Cheap!

In order to dispose of the gyroids myself and Herr Benedict are using in our experiments, we've had to work on different methods, and it's becoming a problem.
The amount of gyroids we go through has already filled up Beppin's Recycling Station in our town hall, much to the chagrin of Frau Phyllis Z. Pelican; who made it her own personal business to inform us that the Recycling Station isn't designed for such heavy use.

We've had to come up with some opther ideas because of this. I'll be damned if I let this project fail simply because of insufficient resources to cope with our byproduct waste. My latest ideas involve copious amounts of fire, courtesy of some items procured from B├╝rgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise during this past weekend's fireworks display.

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If nothing else, it certainly was a lot of fun!

This increase in gyroid consumption is in no small part due to my recent acquiring of a Siphon via Herr Nook's retail establishment. This small, but valuable, piece of machinery has made extracting the gyroid's lifeforce a much quicker, and far less messy, procedure. What once took an afternoon to extract is now done in a few quick pumps of this ingenious little device. But, solving one problem creates another.

I really don't wish for Beppin's vast fields and forests to be dumpng grounds for gyroid corpses,.. I'm sure it'd ruin my "perfect town" status as well and need every Jacob's Ladder I can produce for the floral display at the Golden Gates Of Beppin. So this is obviously not an option, and other methods need to be looked into, before this minor issue becomes a major one.

I tried leaving some expired gyroids on Beppin's foreshore so that the sea could take them into her vast, dark and cold, embrace on the next tide. Lest they still remained exactly where I had left them the following morning. Immunity to the powers of the tide seem to be another of their surprising natural innate abilities. It would seem every idea I have is as quickly disproved as it is enacted when dealing with these creatures.

I'd be remiss to think these problems will sort themselves out on their own. This issue really could pose a threat to the perfection of Beppin. Perhaps there will be ways to enlist the services of loyal Beppian's in their disposal. Indeed, they never cease to amaze me with their ideas and ingenuity.

Well, I'd best get back to my experiments, and I need to check in with Herr Benedict before he retires this evening to see what ideas he's come up with.


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herr Von Beppin,

Surely there must be some nearby third world state, with less stringent Environmental regulation nearby?

Simply cut a deal with them and dump...erm....export your waste products there?

Herr Munter


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