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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fireworks: In The Sky, And On The Land

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These saturday nights in August are such spectacles to enjoy. With the chiming of Beppin's clocktower at 7pm comes the sparkling majesty of the fireworks display. This also provides and excuse for me to take Sturmeagle to the air again and enjoy the spectacle from up on high. It's a guilty pleasure, but the smiles on the faces of all Beppians lets me know everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am (for an archival image of myself and Sturmeagle, click here).

After my dogfights through the fireworks and I had Sturmeagle safely landed and back in her wing of the Beppin National Museum, I had my usual evening constitutional walk around Beppin's cobblestone thoroughfares. It was such a glorious evening, I took my time and was easily distracted by Beppian's wanting to have a casual chat with their leader.

As I approached the shopping precinct, I noticed a new arrival had set up their house. At this point I'd like to step back a few days. Although I haven't documented it previously, this week saw the departure of Frau Marina A. Octopus from our fair land to unknown regions. Frau Marina was a wonderful Beppian, a true embodiment of our spirit and ideals.

Whenever I think of Frau Marina, I remember a time, months ago, when she approached me on Beppin's Foreshore. She'd grown tired of her catchphrase, which was at that time "Blurp". After careful consideration I suggested "Sieg Heil!" as a victorious salute to the glory of our nation.

When I offered this, she paused and reflected for a second, and then said the words that will stay forever as my memory of Frau Marina: "Sieg Heil? Sieg Heil! I feel like a new person - no, I feel like who I should be." These words echoed through my very soul. She had distilled into one statement what Beppin is all about. My smile didn't subside that day, such a personal link to one's country was something I wish for all Beppians to feel.

From that day on I knew, regardless of where her life led her, Frau Marina was the essence of Beppin and I knew I'd never regret her leaving Beppin if she decided to as she'd proven what an increidbly strong link she had with her country. Wherever she would go; I knew she'd take Beppin with her.

And this week she did, with little fuss, Frau Marina moved away. I do miss her, but I have the comfort of the picture of her smiling face on display in Beppin's Hall of Remembrance in Baron Manor. A comfort that always brings a smile to my face, and warms my heart every time I behold it. A lasting memory, that will be eternally remembered. Farewell Frau Marina, may you prosper in your newly adopted home, wherever that may be.

Which brings me back to this evening. As I made my way through Beppin's shopping precinct I noticed that there was suddenly a house on the land where Frau Marina had lived. This open space that I was just getting accustomed to seeing vacant was no longer. After I realised a new Beppian must have just moved in, I checked the name plate on the house.

It read: "Coco's House".

(this post will be continued tomorrow after I regain enough composure to continue)


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Non Stop Ive ! said...

In light of your recent work, the arrival of a Gyroid/Bunny hybrid cannot be coincidence.


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