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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Gyroid Factor

Now that the Dino Solution has been enacted, the merest hint of rain brings about excitement around Beppin. For it is the rain the brings the gyroids to the surface of Beppin's fertile top soil. Walking through Beppin today, there were so many smiling faces and excited citizens, all knowing that rain today means gyroids tomorrow. On ther science front, myself and Herr Benedict are plodding along with our experiments in gyroid/fossil combinations. We're very confident of creating a formula that will designate gyroids to fossils for successful regeneration. We can almost feel it within our grasp. It won't be long now.

A new resident to Beppin, Herr Jitters R. Bird, has been a small concern of late. His demeanour and character, although overtly normal, seems to betray an underlying skepticism and distrust of Beppin's operation, and the Beppin SS.

Herr Jitters keeps to himself and dosen't venture far from his home, which is situated far from most Beppians. His nearest neighbour being Sch├╝tze Cyrano F. Anteater informs me Herr Jitters is displaying the behavioural traits of those afflicted with paranoia and general disharmony with one's environment. Herr Cyrano reports that he believes further action towards Herr Jitter's need be investigated.

I took this upon myself, I think it's an accurate display of how much we value our citizens if the country's most highly appointed representative can deal with personal matters of our citizens on a "one on one" basis. Casual conversation revealed little insight. However, I visited Herr Jitter'sd residence this evening and discovered something rather disappointing.

It would appear that Herr Jitters is hoarding gyroids for his own personal decor. His flagrant disregard of the Dino Solution is very disheartening to me and I think we as a country need to take another step up in our initiative. As a compliment to the instructions set out in the Dino Solution, we will spearhead a secondary initiative, targetting those who disobey these new regulations:

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As of this weekend, spot checks at random Beppian's houses will be performed by the Beppin SS to ensure that gyroids are not being kept for use as personal decor. The Dino Solution requires complete commitment from all Beppians. Failure to do this will mean alerting all other Beppian's of their disservice by being marked with the above symbol.

As the text says: "He who has this symbol is an enemy of Beppin". This symbol will be used to show other Beppian's who isn't supporting their country. The Beppin SS will handle this initiative, and I hope it will convince those hoarding gyroids for their own HRA scores to think twice, and do what is right for Beppin.


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