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The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A New Initiative For Promoting National Identity

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As leader of Beppin one of my roles is to promote our nation throughout other lands, near and far, to spread our ideologies and promote what we have to offer. To spearhead this I've developed a promotional tool that I hope will make our presence all the more prominent to those living in other nations.

Through co-operative work with BeppinPost, we have developed the first official and nationally sanctioned Beppin Postcard. A vehicle through which Beppin's wonderful natural and man made geographical attractions can be publicised to those looking to emigrate or visit. I highly value the view of Beppin by inhabitants of other countries and believe this new initiative will be of great beneifit to our international image and create avenues for greater trade and new citizens to Beppin.

Personally, I've always loved receiving postcards from acquaintances when they've gone on holidays to exotic and faraway lands. The creation of a Beppin postcard offers the opportunity not only for those passing through Beppin to send it back to their native lands, but also for Beppians to send to their friends in other nations as well. I'd like to think our postcard brings together some of our country's more impressive features that will inspire other individuals to come and see what Beppin has to offer.

The hardest part of developing this initiative was deciding what locations to include on the comparatively small space available. Indeed I spent many hours photographing our countries more prominent features and even more hours deciding what was to be the final six images to appear. After much deliberation and consultation I made my final decisions and am rather happy with the results.

I think the images presented represent the many sides of Beppin's culture and heritage. From our national monument in honour of the thrid reich to the glorious natural beauty of Beppin Heads, we've encapsulated the essence of our wonderous country as well as possible for the postcard format.

I do hope this initiative succeeeds in promoting Beppin to those far flung nations the world over that have not heard of our quest for utopian lifestyle and the ideals we live by. Please promote the Official Beppin Postcard whereever you see fit, dear readers. Beppin began as an idea that has evolved to a properous nation and from here, who knows where. If you wish to spread the word of Beppin, please do so.

Please click on the link under the "Links" section at the top right of this page to get your own full size Official Beppin Postcard and print/send/email them wherever you think the Beppin ideology needs to be heard.


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