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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Penguin In The Ointment

It was a lovely day today in Beppin. The sun was shining through our tree lined cobbled thoroughfares and I noticed something quite peaceful and contented in the behaviour of our residents. A noticible absentee in my travels today was Coco. Now, Coco's been a special resident as I believe she may hold the missing link between the gyroid research I've been conducting. As this is a rather sensitive subject (based on the previously mentioned methods employed) I've been easing Frau Coco very slowly into the idea of getting involved. This has been a hard job as most Beppian's are well aware of what goes on in the Beppin Science Labs, but don't share Herr Coco's "pedigree", therefore all our citizens have been informed to keep the more unpleasant details of our research hush-hush.

All Beppian's have been very supportive of this and have made Frau Coco feel very welcome in our country and kept our gyroid experiment details on a need to know basis. Most unfortunately, it would seem that someone in Beppin has upset Frau Coco, possibly with these sensitive details, and I entered her house tonight to see all her belongings packed up in boxes and a rather nervous and tense Frau Coco pacing up and down her now bare living room.

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As documented above, I couldn't get the details of her departure out of her, but her tone and body language spoke volumes. I've seen others act the same way when their lives have been endangered and it instantly made me wonder what had caused this very quick change in Frau Coco's behaviour. Based on the evidence I've collected, it would seem I've discovered the source of this problem, and that problem is Frau Friga I. Penguin.

I had my suspicions about Frau Friga when she moved back to Beppin earlier this week. Or so I thought. Frau Friga was a model Beppian a few months ago, and moved away a while back. I was never 100% sure where she had moved to, but I trusted she knew what was best for her and assumed that she would one day come back to Beppin when she was ready.

Upon Frau Friga's return early this week, I noticed there were some changes about her. Nothing too extraordinary, mainly some changes to her wardrobe and she picked up some new elements to her conversation, which was to be expected. But Frau Friga began to behave differently too, it was the small things that I picked up on first. Her conversation topics, and also the way she kept to herself in public.

The old Friga was a very social penguin, always chatting to other Beppian's and keeping abreast of the latest gossip. The new Frau Friga seemed to go to great lengths to not socialise with other Beppians. On many occassions this week I've seen her completely change the direction she was walking in in order to avoid social contact with her fellow countrymen. The only other Beppian I've ever seen Frau Friga spend any time with, since she moved back, was with Frau Coco, who just happens to be her neighbour as well.

This just didn't sit right,.. at all. I've never been one to act on suspicions but since this revelation involving Coco has surfaced, I'm almost certain Frau Friga is the cause of what has made her decide Beppin is no longer a safe place for her to live. This also begs the question as to what motives Frau Friga has for these actions. It wouldn't be unrealistic to think that Beppin's enemies could have sent spies in to monitor our progress on the Dinosaurierabteilung, as such a powerful military force could definitely cause concern for our Beppin's detractors.

It also suggests that perhaps Frau Friga is not actually the same penguin who once lived in Beppin. As fantastical as it may sound, in this day and age the lengths to which spies will go to achieve their goals makes cosmetically changing their appearance to look like someone else rather commonplace. Which means at least two possibilities for this situation. One, that Frau Friga has been employed by her new host country as a spy to see the downfall of Beppin by bringing down its military complex from within. Or two, that this is indeed not the Frau Friga I knew at all and is running an unknown but definitely malicious agenda against Beppin and is looking to wreak untold damage on our country.

I've informed the Beppin SS and Frau Friga is under 24 hour personal surveillance by Sturmbannf├╝hrer Drake T. Duck in order to monitor what her next plans may entail. For the moment I think I've convinced Frau Coco to stay in Beppin, and I hope I can dispel some of the worry she currently has... providing she hasn't been completely brainwashed by this diabolical penguin already.


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