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The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Problems Arise, Solutions Devised

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As reported in yesterday's findings, Beppin's Dinosaurierabteilung project is in full swing. The main issue we're faced with now is making sure that all parts of the dinosaur fossil to be resurrected are present, a theory proven by my less than positive results yesterday.

I managed to procure an Apatosaurus skull for Herr Benedict this afternoon, this was the final piece he required to complete this specimen. He is now one step ahead of me as I realised I'm still missing pieces from all of my fossils collected thus far while rummaging through my wardrobe this afternoon. This could prove a small setback as using complete specimens will take time, but if this is the biggest problem we encounter then I'll think ourselves very lucky.

Its not until one begins these sorts of experiments that a myriad of new unforseen problems arise. Aside from the fossil completeion theory, there is also issues regarding gyroids. Namely, how do we dispose of these once they've been "used". It has come to my attention that if we are to create a legion of dinosaurs, based on the instructions so far, we would require literally thousands of gyroids for the resurrection process.

So not only the supply of these creatures comes into question, but also how they will be disposed of afterwards. I'm sure more issues will arise the further we develop this project, but I'm positive that through our great teamwork and dedication we can overcome any obstacles we come across.

Another problem that I'm working on this weekend is space for these experiments. The northern wing of Baron Manor has already proven much too small to conduct the procedures required. Which means the open plan first floor hall must be converted from its current state into a large laboratory. Quite a big undertaking that will require much use of my wardrobe storage, and possibly quite a few visits to Herr Nook's to dispose of some items I've no longer use for.

I'll also need to order some new equipment in to make the processes a bit easier. Firstly a computer is needed. Although the instructions were written in a time long before the age of computers and the internet, I think its very important to have one on hand to record results as well as to formulate streamlining procedures. I think I'll also order a drum of highly flammable material and a fire extinguisher, I'd like to test out my own theories and experiments on some expired gyroids. Perhaps burning them is a solution to dealing with their disposal.

The aformentioned problems aside, its full steam ahead for the creation of our Dinosaurierabteilung. I just had a quick chat to Herr Benedict and his enthusiasm for it is rather inectious. I'd best get along now and continue my furniture juggling and gyroid experiments. Wish me luck! Heil Beppin!