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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Victory Through Tenacity

My strategic war against the evil Todesstinger finally concluded with a resounding victory for Beppin this evening. For the last week I've been on the frontlines in a personal battle with this diabolical creature. Night after night, quietly negotiating my way through Beppin's flower beds, scanning for movement, waiting patiently behind tree trunks and pouncing at the first sign of movement. Net held tensely in hand, swinging with vehemence and righteousness. Yes, it was a battle hard fought.

This isn't to say the victory was without casualties. I have been personally injured by this creation of nightmare pure almost nightly. For all my care and planning it still managed to get the best of me and sank its poisonous barb deep into my flesh. My body bears many scars of war and conflict, but these newest injuries are the first I've had inflicted by a creature of more than two legs. Countless flowers also fell victim to my mighty net, a terrible consequence of friendly fire.

Tonight, like the last few nights, began with the terror of seeing the sun disappear and knowing that the Todesstinger was about to begin its nightly reign of terror just as it had the night before. The darkness brings the fear, the once brightly lit Beppin streets take on an air of sinister shadows and one begins to see things that aren't really there.

I then realised that I had some unfinished business in Baron Manor and had to move some furniture in the science lab and museum wings and make room in storage. As a consequence of having my pockets rather full from moving so many pieces of furniture I decided to remove the usual tools I carry about town in front of my house, to free up some space. As I was placing my Golden Watering Can down, I noticed an odd shape in the flowers that line the eastern wall of the Manor.

I knew this shadow. I'd seen it before. I'd seen it many times before. Its shape was scorched onto my brain. The shape of terror was the elongated shape of Todesstinger itself. For once in our many battles, it seemed I had the upperhand, for as I placed my watering can down and quckly readied my net, I realised that this creature of the night had not yet seen me. It was oblivious to my presence. I had to capitalise on this instantly as I knew I only had seconds to make my move until it became aware of my intentions and rushed me with its venomous stinger.

The closer I crept towards it, the more confident I felt. My net felt like an extensions of my arms and with every step I knew I was getting closer and closer to victory. I could sense it. It was a feeling I'd exeprienced often dogfighting in Sturmadler high in the skies above during the war. My focus was strong. My vision clear, and my muscles tense.

Then Todesstinger noticed me. In one movement it turned to face me and charged with its poison glistening thorn of death aimed directly for my chest. But it was too late. As its raced towards me, my net of righteous justice slammed down around it with a thud that echoed throughout all of Beppin. For a long second there was a silence. A second that seemed to last forever. Then I realised I had captured it. I had it trapped in my net, and I had beaten Todesstinger once and for all in this bloody war.

I decided that this specimen of evil should be displayed for all to see. To stand as a testament to tenactiy of Beppin. The never say die spirit that runs deeply in the hearts of all Beppians. Where better to display this symbol of victory of good over evil than the Beppin National Museum. After carefully handing Todesstinger over to a visibly shaken Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl, the evil that has plagued Beppin was relegated to its own place to live in captivity for the rest of its days.

As a memento of the occassion Herr Benedict took the photograph below. A reminder of power of Beppin's spirit and how it can triumph over even the most fearsome of enemies.

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To celebrate this monumental achievement in keeping Beppin safe, myself and some members of the Beppin SS will be having a drink, in honour of the occassion, and I wish for all of my readers to raise a glass and toast our victory and the end of a brutal and hard fought battle:

Sieg für Beppin!


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herr Von Beppin,

I'll raise a glass of Lowenbrau to you and the brave, stout yeomen of Beppin tonight!

Stirring stuff indeeed.

Herr Munter.

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