The Beppin Legacy

The history and future of a utopian marriage of Third Reich idealism and the wonderously vast tapestry of the animal kingdom.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prince Of The Rodeo

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Soldiers of Beppin, Work for Victory!

Pictured above is Beppin's most recent poster campaign, with Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull as the focus, such an heroic visage lends itself beautifully to inspire and empower our countrymen as we constantly evolve and grow as a nation. I was a tad concerned about the artwork being so visceral in its imagery of war and combat, as theres been little conflict anywhere of late (outside of the odd skirmish with Brigadeführer Copper K. Dog keeping unwanted invidividuals from moving in).
But after seeing Herr Rodeo in his full military uniform, well, all doubts I had flew out the window. Such a specimen of pure Beppian breeding, Herr Rodeo stands out as a model physical specimen,...and he was more than happy with the results.

The past few weeks have seen a bit of a reshuffle in our country's inhabitants. Recent New Beppians Frau Mallary Q. Duck and Frau PomPom V. Duck have settled in wonderfully, and have been very active in their citizenship, with both spearheading new ideas involving furniture and insect collecting. Though they aren't related, it's hard not to see the similarities in them, indeed the traits of cetain species or races are usually common amongst their members. As Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck set the standard for ducks in Beppin, Frau's PomPom and Mallary raise it higher.

Some departures from our fertile shores include a short stay from Frau Mathilda A. Kangaroo, an odd character who's skittish behaviour, although charming, seemed to keep her from settling in. From one day to another her personality and needs seem to change drastically. One day she was desperately after Lovely furniture, and the next she was in need of certain fossils. Very odd behaviour, and other Beppians noticed this too. On more than one occassion I saw well established Beppian's storm off after only short conversations with her. Well, her recent departure means she is now someone elses problem, but I do hope she enjoyed her time in Beppin and that in some small way she takes a bit of Beppin with her to wherever she's living now.

Strange how things like this happen. One never knows what's around the corner. Life is like trying to breed hybrid flowers: no matter how much you try to make certain breeds; it's fate that decides what is going to surprise you with what flowers tomorrow. Reflecting on this, I wouldn't have it any other way. This old Baron's seen a lot in his lifetime, but it's the day to day surprises that are what inspire me the most. Twenty years ago I'd have never believed I'd be made so happy by finding newly sprouted Jacob's Ladders every day, but just knowing Beppin is perfect in mine and nature's eyes is a reward that warms my battlehardened heart.

Ah, in this time of contendedness even the sight of Herr Rodeo packing his belongings and telling me he needs to move on to something new dosen't distress me. I've learned that fighting against change is a futile waste of energy, I'll be waving him goodbye from Beppin's Golden Gates tomorrow, and I'll be welcoming with open arms the next individual who wishes to move in. I wish you well Herr Rodeo, and I hope our paths cross again one day, when the fates decide so.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Beppin Memories: 8th September 1943

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My, the time gets only seems like yesterday, but its such a long time ago.
The above picture was taken in Herr Hitler's own home, on this very day, in 1943. I'd been called in to discuss some pressing matters with Herr Hitler involving the land that would soon become the country of Beppin. His concern was more of a personal nature, as he wanted to be sure I didn't have conflicting interests in forming a new country whilst beingl a servant of Herr Hitler's armed forces.

Of course, in no uncertain terms, I told Herr Hitler my allegiance was nothing for him to be concerned about, at which point he became very relaxed, as if my words had been exactly what he wanted to hear. I took this opportunity to compliment Herr Hitler on his Classic themed furniture. Indeed, his eyes lit up at the mention of it and he asked me if I had access to a Classic Vanity to finish of his collection. Alas, I'd not seen this piece and suggested he contact Redd Fox, as distasteful as the thought may be, as he's probably the only way he'll acquire such an item.

Herr Hitler began cursing the name of Redd Fox, rather verbosely. He became very animated when he recounted the forged paintings the "schmutzig fox" had sold him. I could sympathise with his rage, as Redd Fox had caused me untold embarassment when presenting paintings to Oberschütze Blathers M. Owl, only to be told the painting I'd just spent my hard earned bells on was a fake.

Myself and Herr Hitler shared a laugh at this problem we had in common, and shared a cup of coffee as we discussed the design of Herr Hitler's room and the feng shui that could be maximised from it. Such fond memories of the little personal contact I had with Herr Hitler are rather highly valued, from my point of view. It's these insights into the very intimate ways of his thinking that I take my own perspective.

At this early stage I was already planning the eventual design of Beppin, by learning from Herr Hitler's mistakes. I was very conscious of not repeating his errors in judgement and policy, and hoped to improve upon his achievements by adding my own ideas as well.

I fondly remember that afternoon, drinking coffee with Herr Hitler while discussing the aesthetic value of different furniture themes and seeing a side of him not many others had the chance to experience. He may be looked back upon as history's greatest villain, but from my point of view, he was just another man doing what he thought best for his country, while trying to complete a set of furniture for his house.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Wild Ride For Rodeo

Today saw much action in Beppin. This was in no small part the responsibility of Herr Rodeo, or as his title now stands, Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull. Herr Rodeo's early promotion has been very well earned and he's, assuredly, very worthy of his new rank.

The day began with the now all too common misplacement of flowers around Beppin. I was none too pleased to have my morning's work interrupted by some unplanned gardening, but this work must be done. Whilst replacing the last of the disturbed flowers, I ran into Her Rodeo. He was in a rather happy mood and told me in no uncertain terms that this was the last time I'd be having to move Beppin's flowers back to their rightful positions.

I admired his confidence and set about my work for the day, much of which was spent with Unterscharführer Camofrog F. Frog. It has come to pass that Herr Camofrog's keen interest in fossils has seen him enlist himself in the Dinosaurierabteilung project and his latest experiments required his acquisition of iguanadon fossils. I was more than happy to furnish him with the iguanadon skull and torso but its tail remained elusive today. Heres hoping I'll dig one up tomorrow to keep Herr Camofrog's work on track.

Whilst out getting one of these fossils for Herr Camofrog, I came across a rather disgruntled Frau Friga. She was pacing around the Beppin National Monument and was very upset. Conversing with her gleaned no information about her current aggravated mood, so I left her to her own devices whilst I got back to my work with Herr Camofrog.

Upon returning to his home with my newly acquired iguanadon skull in hand, I mentioned to him what I'd seen. His immediate response was:

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It would seem Herr Rodeo's reputation has extended to all of Beppin's citizens. Herr Camofrog went on to tell me of his chat with Rodeo earlier that morning. He said Herr Rodeo had a fool proof plan set in motion to catch Beppin's flower-mover and he was very sure of how effective it would be. After finishing my work with Herr Camofrog I retired to Baron Manor for the remainder of the afternoon, with my anticipation of meeting Herr Rodeo in the evening growing by the minute.

Upon my evening stroll on the Beppin Foreshore I had met up with Her Rodeo and had a brief chat regarding his progress in his duties. He said he had completed all goals of the mission and will await further orders with baited breath. When I asked him for proof of his success, he simply replied "I'll let Unterfeldwebel Pete B. Pelican deliver that to you.".

Well, all I can say is this evening I received a short letter from Frau Friga that she's emigrating from Beppin immediately. It would seem that Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull's plan has worked very well and his actions, whatever they may have been, have seen the swift removal of one of Beppin's most conniving dissidents.

Herr Rodeo has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and has proven his worth to our country in the most decisive display of law enforcemnt I've seen in many years. With Frau Friga out of Beppin, we can focus on some of the new ideas I've been cooking up recently,... and I can't think of a better assistant to help me enact them than our own Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Of Anthems And Flowers

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Herr Rodeo has definitely made his presence known in Beppin recently. As soon as he'd unpacked his belongings in his new abode he set about joining the Beppin SS. After a brief induction by Obergruppenführer Cyrano F. Anteater, I presented him with his new uniform, as pictured.

His spirits were very high and I thought this a good opportunity to make himself more well known to the Beppin Elders. I asked him if he'd like to attend an informal meeting of the Heads Of Beppin this evening in the quarters of Bürgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise on the second floor of our town hall. Unsurprisingly, Herr Rodeo was very pleased amd excited to attend.

Even more satisfying was how the Beppin Elders took to Herr Rodeo. His physical size and distinguished features made quite an impression. During our discussions over this weekend's La Di Day festivities, Herr Rodeo came up with some excellent suggestions involving having residents also come up with a national musical instrument that our national anthem can then be played on in everyone's home, as an ongoing celebration of this very nationalistic event.

Herr Nook agreed that this idea was something he'd be proud to be part of and produced his master catalogue, citing available instruments to make a short list from that we can then put to Beppin's citizens to decide. Once one is declared the winner, every Beppian shall receive their instrument in the post to place in their house. I do believe this is stellar idea from Herr Rodeo and is a great start to this new chapter of his life in his newly adopted country.

I also issued Herr Rodeo with his first official duty in the Beppin SS. It's come to my attention that a citizen is moving flowers around our country. Placing them in seemingly random places that puts our entire flora system out. The flower lined cobble stone thoroughfares of Beppin are more than just common paths, they are a national treasure of our country.

I personally made it a project of mine to link all Beppian's houses together with hand tooled walkways that allow not only Beppin's residents to get about their business more efficiently, but also for visitors to Beppin to find their way around more easily. There's been many a time a first time visitor to Beppin has commented on the charm, beauty and effectiveness of our streets and the flowers lining them.

For a Beppian to move these flowers for "fun" or as some kind of jape, is unacceptable behaviour. Every house has room for their own flower garden which every Beppian can plant their own native flowers in, but relocating flowers from their designated places isn't tolerated.

I'm confident Herr Rodeo will find the culprit committing this civil disobediance and I'm sure he has his own ideas about how to make sure the individual dosen't do it again. I look forward to discussing his findings with him tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Playing By His Own Rules

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"Believe in the Future, Believe in Beppin"

Something odd happened this morning. In my morning mail I received a letter from Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck informing me that he had left Beppin. The letter was short and to the point, but it was a genuine shock. Why had Herr Drake left his country in our hour of need? The question played on my mind for the next half hour.. why Drake why... Then, whilst have my morning Pigeon Blend in The Roost Cafe, I realised what was going on.

Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck is usually thinking two moves ahead when it comes to the way his mind works in these situations. I've seen him demonstrate this in his early training. He'd set plans in motion without the enemy having even the inclination that something might be up, then before they know it the sword of Damocles falls down on them before they know what's happening.

It's Herr Drake's way. Nothing is initially obvious, just like his leaving. My first feelings of confusion and despondance would have been just as he'd have predicted. But Herr Drake knew I was going to work it out eventually. Indeed, I firmly believe Herr Drake is keeping Beppin's best interests at heart in his recent emigration. I would be very, very, surprised if thats the last I hear of Herr Drake, but due to extenuating circumstances regarding the security of recent communications, I will leave it at that. Good luck Herr Drake. Beppin is with you.

The vacancy left by Herr Drake's move allowed for a new member to join our country. Setting up residence just south of Baron Manor today was one Herr Rodeo C. Bull. Quite the formidable figure with his fur of darkest gray and his eyes of burning embers, he is the embodiment of power and strength. After I'd grown accustomed to his impressive physical form I introduced myself. At this point Herr Rodeo was very vociferous in his praise of Beppin and recounted past times I'd met him in Nut City; citing my inspiration as a major factor in his moving to Beppin.

Although very pleasing to one's ego, I had to stress to Herr Rodeo that Beppin wasn't the product of its leader. No, Beppin was the result of every single individual who set up residence in our country. Beppin's success was always because of its citizens, the work I do is secondary to the proud Beppians who dedicate their lives to glory and honour of our country.

Upon hearing this I could see Herr Rodeo's burning eyes show stark recognition and understanding. I told him he should visit Obergruppenführer Cyrano F. Anteater once he's settled in and he'll set him on the right track. Herr Rodeo was very eager and promised he'd be paying him a visit as soon as he'd unpacked his furniture.

I can see Herr Rodeo settling into life in Beppin very quickly. His personality and sense of duty and honour are wonderful characteristics to have and his proud and powerful physical presence are undoubtedly a bonus. I can see this new Beppian rising through the Beppin SS ranks very quickly indeed. This could quite easily balance out the loss of Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck from the Beppin SS... then again, I've a feeling Herr Drake knew this was coming all along.

This should make for some very interesting times ahead, I'm sure.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Beppin Propaganda Initiative #32-F

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Frau Friga remains a resident in Beppin.

Until the Beppin SS can extricate her from our fair land we are in communications lock down.

Even this personal document is subject to a self imposed censure until we can be sure this situation poses no threat to the security of Beppin.

I've a feeling this will pass a lot sooner, rather than later, based on some of the plans Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck ran by me last night.

Let me just say thank god he's on our side.