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Friday, September 08, 2006

Beppin Memories: 8th September 1943

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My, the time gets only seems like yesterday, but its such a long time ago.
The above picture was taken in Herr Hitler's own home, on this very day, in 1943. I'd been called in to discuss some pressing matters with Herr Hitler involving the land that would soon become the country of Beppin. His concern was more of a personal nature, as he wanted to be sure I didn't have conflicting interests in forming a new country whilst beingl a servant of Herr Hitler's armed forces.

Of course, in no uncertain terms, I told Herr Hitler my allegiance was nothing for him to be concerned about, at which point he became very relaxed, as if my words had been exactly what he wanted to hear. I took this opportunity to compliment Herr Hitler on his Classic themed furniture. Indeed, his eyes lit up at the mention of it and he asked me if I had access to a Classic Vanity to finish of his collection. Alas, I'd not seen this piece and suggested he contact Redd Fox, as distasteful as the thought may be, as he's probably the only way he'll acquire such an item.

Herr Hitler began cursing the name of Redd Fox, rather verbosely. He became very animated when he recounted the forged paintings the "schmutzig fox" had sold him. I could sympathise with his rage, as Redd Fox had caused me untold embarassment when presenting paintings to Obersch├╝tze Blathers M. Owl, only to be told the painting I'd just spent my hard earned bells on was a fake.

Myself and Herr Hitler shared a laugh at this problem we had in common, and shared a cup of coffee as we discussed the design of Herr Hitler's room and the feng shui that could be maximised from it. Such fond memories of the little personal contact I had with Herr Hitler are rather highly valued, from my point of view. It's these insights into the very intimate ways of his thinking that I take my own perspective.

At this early stage I was already planning the eventual design of Beppin, by learning from Herr Hitler's mistakes. I was very conscious of not repeating his errors in judgement and policy, and hoped to improve upon his achievements by adding my own ideas as well.

I fondly remember that afternoon, drinking coffee with Herr Hitler while discussing the aesthetic value of different furniture themes and seeing a side of him not many others had the chance to experience. He may be looked back upon as history's greatest villain, but from my point of view, he was just another man doing what he thought best for his country, while trying to complete a set of furniture for his house.


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