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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Playing By His Own Rules

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"Believe in the Future, Believe in Beppin"

Something odd happened this morning. In my morning mail I received a letter from Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck informing me that he had left Beppin. The letter was short and to the point, but it was a genuine shock. Why had Herr Drake left his country in our hour of need? The question played on my mind for the next half hour.. why Drake why... Then, whilst have my morning Pigeon Blend in The Roost Cafe, I realised what was going on.

Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck is usually thinking two moves ahead when it comes to the way his mind works in these situations. I've seen him demonstrate this in his early training. He'd set plans in motion without the enemy having even the inclination that something might be up, then before they know it the sword of Damocles falls down on them before they know what's happening.

It's Herr Drake's way. Nothing is initially obvious, just like his leaving. My first feelings of confusion and despondance would have been just as he'd have predicted. But Herr Drake knew I was going to work it out eventually. Indeed, I firmly believe Herr Drake is keeping Beppin's best interests at heart in his recent emigration. I would be very, very, surprised if thats the last I hear of Herr Drake, but due to extenuating circumstances regarding the security of recent communications, I will leave it at that. Good luck Herr Drake. Beppin is with you.

The vacancy left by Herr Drake's move allowed for a new member to join our country. Setting up residence just south of Baron Manor today was one Herr Rodeo C. Bull. Quite the formidable figure with his fur of darkest gray and his eyes of burning embers, he is the embodiment of power and strength. After I'd grown accustomed to his impressive physical form I introduced myself. At this point Herr Rodeo was very vociferous in his praise of Beppin and recounted past times I'd met him in Nut City; citing my inspiration as a major factor in his moving to Beppin.

Although very pleasing to one's ego, I had to stress to Herr Rodeo that Beppin wasn't the product of its leader. No, Beppin was the result of every single individual who set up residence in our country. Beppin's success was always because of its citizens, the work I do is secondary to the proud Beppians who dedicate their lives to glory and honour of our country.

Upon hearing this I could see Herr Rodeo's burning eyes show stark recognition and understanding. I told him he should visit Obergruppenführer Cyrano F. Anteater once he's settled in and he'll set him on the right track. Herr Rodeo was very eager and promised he'd be paying him a visit as soon as he'd unpacked his furniture.

I can see Herr Rodeo settling into life in Beppin very quickly. His personality and sense of duty and honour are wonderful characteristics to have and his proud and powerful physical presence are undoubtedly a bonus. I can see this new Beppian rising through the Beppin SS ranks very quickly indeed. This could quite easily balance out the loss of Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck from the Beppin SS... then again, I've a feeling Herr Drake knew this was coming all along.

This should make for some very interesting times ahead, I'm sure.


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