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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prince Of The Rodeo

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Soldiers of Beppin, Work for Victory!

Pictured above is Beppin's most recent poster campaign, with Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull as the focus, such an heroic visage lends itself beautifully to inspire and empower our countrymen as we constantly evolve and grow as a nation. I was a tad concerned about the artwork being so visceral in its imagery of war and combat, as theres been little conflict anywhere of late (outside of the odd skirmish with Brigadeführer Copper K. Dog keeping unwanted invidividuals from moving in).
But after seeing Herr Rodeo in his full military uniform, well, all doubts I had flew out the window. Such a specimen of pure Beppian breeding, Herr Rodeo stands out as a model physical specimen,...and he was more than happy with the results.

The past few weeks have seen a bit of a reshuffle in our country's inhabitants. Recent New Beppians Frau Mallary Q. Duck and Frau PomPom V. Duck have settled in wonderfully, and have been very active in their citizenship, with both spearheading new ideas involving furniture and insect collecting. Though they aren't related, it's hard not to see the similarities in them, indeed the traits of cetain species or races are usually common amongst their members. As Sturmbannführer Drake T. Duck set the standard for ducks in Beppin, Frau's PomPom and Mallary raise it higher.

Some departures from our fertile shores include a short stay from Frau Mathilda A. Kangaroo, an odd character who's skittish behaviour, although charming, seemed to keep her from settling in. From one day to another her personality and needs seem to change drastically. One day she was desperately after Lovely furniture, and the next she was in need of certain fossils. Very odd behaviour, and other Beppians noticed this too. On more than one occassion I saw well established Beppian's storm off after only short conversations with her. Well, her recent departure means she is now someone elses problem, but I do hope she enjoyed her time in Beppin and that in some small way she takes a bit of Beppin with her to wherever she's living now.

Strange how things like this happen. One never knows what's around the corner. Life is like trying to breed hybrid flowers: no matter how much you try to make certain breeds; it's fate that decides what is going to surprise you with what flowers tomorrow. Reflecting on this, I wouldn't have it any other way. This old Baron's seen a lot in his lifetime, but it's the day to day surprises that are what inspire me the most. Twenty years ago I'd have never believed I'd be made so happy by finding newly sprouted Jacob's Ladders every day, but just knowing Beppin is perfect in mine and nature's eyes is a reward that warms my battlehardened heart.

Ah, in this time of contendedness even the sight of Herr Rodeo packing his belongings and telling me he needs to move on to something new dosen't distress me. I've learned that fighting against change is a futile waste of energy, I'll be waving him goodbye from Beppin's Golden Gates tomorrow, and I'll be welcoming with open arms the next individual who wishes to move in. I wish you well Herr Rodeo, and I hope our paths cross again one day, when the fates decide so.


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