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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Wild Ride For Rodeo

Today saw much action in Beppin. This was in no small part the responsibility of Herr Rodeo, or as his title now stands, Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull. Herr Rodeo's early promotion has been very well earned and he's, assuredly, very worthy of his new rank.

The day began with the now all too common misplacement of flowers around Beppin. I was none too pleased to have my morning's work interrupted by some unplanned gardening, but this work must be done. Whilst replacing the last of the disturbed flowers, I ran into Her Rodeo. He was in a rather happy mood and told me in no uncertain terms that this was the last time I'd be having to move Beppin's flowers back to their rightful positions.

I admired his confidence and set about my work for the day, much of which was spent with Unterscharführer Camofrog F. Frog. It has come to pass that Herr Camofrog's keen interest in fossils has seen him enlist himself in the Dinosaurierabteilung project and his latest experiments required his acquisition of iguanadon fossils. I was more than happy to furnish him with the iguanadon skull and torso but its tail remained elusive today. Heres hoping I'll dig one up tomorrow to keep Herr Camofrog's work on track.

Whilst out getting one of these fossils for Herr Camofrog, I came across a rather disgruntled Frau Friga. She was pacing around the Beppin National Monument and was very upset. Conversing with her gleaned no information about her current aggravated mood, so I left her to her own devices whilst I got back to my work with Herr Camofrog.

Upon returning to his home with my newly acquired iguanadon skull in hand, I mentioned to him what I'd seen. His immediate response was:

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It would seem Herr Rodeo's reputation has extended to all of Beppin's citizens. Herr Camofrog went on to tell me of his chat with Rodeo earlier that morning. He said Herr Rodeo had a fool proof plan set in motion to catch Beppin's flower-mover and he was very sure of how effective it would be. After finishing my work with Herr Camofrog I retired to Baron Manor for the remainder of the afternoon, with my anticipation of meeting Herr Rodeo in the evening growing by the minute.

Upon my evening stroll on the Beppin Foreshore I had met up with Her Rodeo and had a brief chat regarding his progress in his duties. He said he had completed all goals of the mission and will await further orders with baited breath. When I asked him for proof of his success, he simply replied "I'll let Unterfeldwebel Pete B. Pelican deliver that to you.".

Well, all I can say is this evening I received a short letter from Frau Friga that she's emigrating from Beppin immediately. It would seem that Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull's plan has worked very well and his actions, whatever they may have been, have seen the swift removal of one of Beppin's most conniving dissidents.

Herr Rodeo has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and has proven his worth to our country in the most decisive display of law enforcemnt I've seen in many years. With Frau Friga out of Beppin, we can focus on some of the new ideas I've been cooking up recently,... and I can't think of a better assistant to help me enact them than our own Gruppenführer Rodeo C. Bull.


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