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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2006 Acorn Festival: The Aftermath

Thankfully, the debacle that was The 2006 Acorn Festival has come to an end. An entire week of futile work is behind Beppin now, and in its wake many questions have been asked of the capacity and competency of B├╝rgermeister Tortimer F. Tortoise in his role as Beppin's mayor.

The Acorn Festival resulted in much dismay from Beppin's citizens, as well as disgruntlement from regular visitors to our shores whom were turned away at our gates, with little explanation. I've had some meetings with the upper echelons of Beepin's heirarchy this week and have found absoloutely zero justification for the rules and restrictions Herr Tortimer has exercised over the last week.

It has been brought into question his competency in his role of mayor, and also, displayed how his powers can be taken too far while the government's hands seem tied. It's not the first time this has happened, and at Herr Tortimer's age (which is very old, even for a tortoise) there are factors of mental and physical health that we must take into account. From the meetings I've been part of it has been decided that we as a governing body will adapt our constitution to limit the powers of the mayor to make a repeat of the Acorn Festival travesty the last of its kind.

The mayor's role will be limited to record keeping work in Beppin's Town Hall and special appearances on holdays, appearing as a governmental representative who's actual powers to be part of the decision making process will be very limited. This may seem harsh, but other Beppians had much more severe ideas, including banishment and exile for Herr Tortimer. Indeed at one meeting it became so heated that Herr Benedict began dialling Kapp'n's phone number to have him extradited immediately.

I do believe this is the best result for the situation. Herr Tortimer is a beloved member of Beppin's community and he is an institution of our country. He's long been a representative of Beppin's ideals practices, but we can't let the past over rule the present. We would be more than remiss to see a repeat of the Acorn Festival next month, but it would far too reactive to strip him of his office all together.

I'm hoping this is the last we'll see of such problems in Beppin, as I'm not enjoying explaining to all our regular visitors why they weren't allowed in. It did mean a week without that troublesome Redd Fox though, so theres always at least one small positive to take away from the experience.

Speaking of postive things, we had some wonderful news this week regarding the Dinosaurierabteilung. The newest member to sign up for this project is none other than Obersch├╝tze Blathers M. Owl, yes the curator of Beppin's National Museum has raised his wing and committed his services for the duration.

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This is just the thing we need to top up our resources and gain some extra knowledge. Herr Blathers' experience in this kind of work is incredibly valuable and I think his presence on our team alone will bolster our research ten fold.

Welcome aboard Herr Blathers!

We'll be riding dinosaurs by Christmas!


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