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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back On Track

How wonderful it is to have Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken amidst our ranks once again. The air seems sweeter, the flowers seem more vibrant, and the Beppin SS seem even more respected. Not that there's been any dissent or untowards attitudes directed at the Beppin SS in the past, but with such a revered and prolific leader like Herr Benedict back at the helm, the salutes and greetings from other Beppians seem just that little bit more enthusiastic.

I had an unscheduled meeting with Herr Benedict this evening, on these autumn days Beppin's flowers seem to need to be watered twice as much as before. It seems like an endless chore to water them daily, but the colour and vibrancy they bring to Beppin's autumn landscape more than makes up for the watering duties. Whilst giving the flowers along Beppin Foreshore a drink, Herr Benedict approached me in his usual energetic manner, and asked me something I'd been avoiding the subject of since his arrival: "How is the Dinosaurierabteilung coming along, Führer?"

It pained me to tell Herr Benedict that little had progressed in our project of creating a mounted Dinosaur Division for Beppin's military. Through our many, many, experiements of extracting the life force from Gyroids and manipulating it to reanimate fossilised dinosaur bones, we gleaned little useful results and from the many hundred of gyroids expended in the project there had still been no hard proof or theory that we could use. Indeed, in Herr Benedict's absence I'd grown tired of constantly destroying gyroids and dinosaur fossils day in, day out, and had put the project on the back burner for the forseeable future.

I told Herr Benedict that, in all honesty, without our shared passion for the Dinosaurierabteilung Project the job became too overwhelming, and with the sensitive nature of the experiments, I made my work more clandestine, only sharing it with those I believe could truly offer valued input. The project was just too big for one man and other Beppian's just didn't share the passion that we both fed off of.

The scowl on Herr Benedict's face froze, then melted into an understanding smile. He paused to take this in, at which point I said that I'd even been selling fossils off to Herr Nook in order to make some more room in Beppin Labs, as the work had just been piling up. This struck a nerve with Herr Benedict, I saw that gleam in his eyes, and that smile creep across his beak:

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Of course he was right. Our Dino Solution is as grand a plan as there ever was, and it is indeed a noble and romantic endeavour. True enough, fortune and glory for Beppin await us. Such tremendously powerful words struck chords deep within me. The chicken before me, being such an inspiration, that I wanted to immediately take to the fields of Beppin with my shovel to unearth some new ingredients for our work.

It is genuinely incredible how powerful an individual can be. I've often had Beppian's praise me, their leader, which is always greatly appreciated, but I now know what they see, as that energy and inspiration is just what Herr Benedict brings to my life in Beppin.


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