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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Powerful New Ally

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"The Strength Of Beppin Is In Us All"

Allow me to introduce the brightest rising star in the Beppin SS: Hauptscharführer Lobo S. Wolf. He only recently moved to Beppin from Hamtown, but his presence and work have been exemplary in dedication and pure results.

Herr Benedict took special interest in Herr Lobo the day he arrived and informed me of this New Beppian's public spirited behaviour. No sooner had Herr Lobo unpacked his belongings had he begun taking part in daily Beppin Flower Patrols. These low key, but highly essential, squads set about ensuring the flora of Beppin is growing exactly where it should be. Indeed, it is technically a gardening outfit, but the Flora Division also has the power to punish those on the spot who are found wantonly moving or damaging our valued flowers.

Hauptscharführer Lobo S. Wolf immediately joined the Flora Division upon arrival and his dilligence and committment to ensuring the flowers of Beppin are exactly where they should be is, simply, astounding. Our flowers have never been so well tended, and it's made my watering work in the mornings take much less time away from my morning regimen.

There have been some victims of Herr Lobo's flower clenched fist however, as it would seem the perpetrators responsible for displacing them to begin with have all, semmingly, left Beppin's fair shores permanently. One way, or another. I didn't want to ask too many questions as I could tell from the wicked gleam in Herr Lobo's eyes that some things are best not fully known.

He has proven his value to Beppin tenfold over the last week and his work just becomes more and more impressive. With myself and Herr Benedict's guidance I do believe Hauptscharführer Lobo S. Wolf will be a mainstay of the Beppin SS for many months to come.


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Baron,

That poster is an inspration to us all and despite not being a citizen of Beppin myself, has me swelling with pride.

With your permission I would like to reproduce it, albeit with a slight modification to replace the name "Beppin", for a motivational drive in my own, less glorious workplace.

Beppin Uber alles and all that. Pip pip!

Herr Munter.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Baron Von Beppin said...

But of course Herr Munter.

Words and images of inspiration transcend the limitations of their intended use often.

Have at it!


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