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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Beppin Landmark Revitalised

There's been little to report of late as my work has been consumed by the revitalisation project of Beppin's National Monument, spearheaded by myself with the aid of Oberstgruppen-Führer Benedict G. Chicken. This task involved much hard work over a very long period, as I will describe momentarily.

In keeping Beppin fresh and on the cutting edge of design, we must endeavour to change the face of Beppin's landscape in ways that enhance and improve our nation, while still respecting the history of our great land. Such undertakings walk a very fine line and must adhere to the stringent policies of what is deemed worthy of investing our time and resources in.

This project, in the beginning, was almost abandoned simply on the basic logistics involved. You see, the Jacob's Ladder flowers used to dominate the Beppin National Monument are not exactly the easiest of species to procure. The Jacob's Ladder will only bloom when the ecosystem of our nation is completely perfect. Right down to the number of flowers, trees and even weeds that grow. On a national scale our Flora Division had to ensure every single hectare of Beppin was perfectly groomed and had the correct ratio of flowers to trees.

The largest issue this created was not that the meticulous work of the Flora Division had to do, but that it had to be done over such a long time. Indeed, not only must Beppin be flawless for the flower to sprout, but also the ecsystem can only support producing one single Jacob's Ladder a day... one a day.

Our plans began in earnest nearly two months ago, but the one thing we didn't plan for turned out to be our most tenacious opponent: the change of seasons. When this project began, the last days of summer were still dappled in the green hues that colour Beppin's fields and grasslands. Alas, autumn began and the greens dissolved into the rusty browns of a season that made keeping Beppin perfect a very hard undertaking. I don't know how many evenings were spent in the last two months with myself and Herr Benedict scanning the ground beneath us for the slightest change in texture to denote a hidden "pitfall" or unclaimed fossil. Many hours working very late into the night were eased by my enjoyment of Herr Benedict's company, even doing the most tedious work seems to be an exciting adventure when in the company of Beppin's favourite chicken.

The other issue faced with this project was the storage of the valuable flowers. We soon discovered having small Jacob's Ladder plantations just wasn't practical and made keeping track of the numbers grown very hard. After much discussion and brainstorming we discovered that the storage space in Baron Manor was going to be the only viable option for storing these flowers for any kind of long term arrangment. Of course this meant a bit of an impromptu spring cleaning of my personal storage but once these wondrous flowers started amassing I knew our goal was within reach.

And two months later, it is done. Finally, the work of many Beppians has literally bloomed into a celebration of our history and national identity. As I planted the final one this evening, I realised how impressive our final vision looked. All the planning and blueprints can never convey the sheer exuberant triumph of our new look National Monument.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it, and I hope it lives on forever as a testament to the ideals and spirit of all proud Beppians. Thank you everyone who aided us in this project and I personally hope that it instills even more pride in our nation.

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The New Beppin National Monument

(Please forgive Herr Benedict's absence from the above photo, but as he said "Who'll take the photograph then, my Führer?")